Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sweet Saturday

     Ah yes, Saturday again, what bits of deliciousness to share. Ha , fooled ya. I'm actually not posting a recipe, I'm passing the buck and linking up to three places you should alll visit.  Why you may ask?

     I am once again in the opening volleys of "the man cold". I thought it was just my allergies acting up but nooooooooooooo. Full on stuffed up head, runny nose, gravelly voice. I'm self medicating this evening. That's right, Dr Paul in preparation for a weekend of misery is writing this the night before, then hitting the schedule button. Then an evening of hot toddies. The lemon and honey have to be good for something right?
Tomorrow morning my sore head will just be the result of  my "homeopathic" remedies.

     Besides, I'm a little traumatised as well. Gearing up for Monday's Listicles post, topic supplied by Greta, I have come to a disturbing realization. This will of course require more self medicating. See you Monday. Thanks Greta. Thanks.

     First stop, Eggton and Kanye West's Apple Butter Idea Cake. I'm going to give this one a whirl tomorrow. After the meds wear off of course.

Breakfast cake. You heard me cake for breakfast

     All I have to do is dig through all the crap currently piled on my preserves to find the maple apple butter. Then, .....  While your over at Eggton, you have to look up the GRITS story, then read through all the comments. If that doesn't tickle your funny bone, check for a pulse.

     Then over to Amelia at Bon Appetempt for Juicy Satsuma Orange Cake. I'll be trying this one after the KW cake is gone. Should be good for Sunday.

Another breakfast cake. Health food really. It's got oranges in it.

     Now that I've fortified myself with all those nutrients from the apples and oranges a visit to Movita Beaucoup for a little indulgence, Caramilk Brownies and some very practical tips about your safety.

The perfect companion to all those resolutions I won't be keeping.

     Three stops for great food, mouth watering pictures and lots of laughs. Enjoy.


  1. I'm so sorry you have a man cold. Especially since I've heard that people are putting dudes down when they are suffering. So, try to rest up and get better, but do so with one eye open...

    Thanks for the recipe shout out! (I hope you live to make a pan...)

    1. Thanks Movita. Not to worry, my team of killers is all fed and ready to defend. Hell, they're even bringing me ingredients and asking for more tasty treats. Very highly motivated group. Then, if someone did somehow make it through, they have to navigate the basement maze to breach defences of the "man cave". So... bring it, I'm ready.

      You're welcome for the shout out. Not only great recipes and photos but lots of laughter, the best medicine.

  2. Having just dealt with hubby having a man cold I feel for you...hope you are not as big a baby as he is!!! :) Feel better. I heard sleep works wonders. Also, I will have to try the first cake and I already checked out movita's brownies...yum, yum, yum!!!!

    1. I'm an easy patient-Leave me alone. I don't want to talk, see, hear anyone. Just sleep. Beleve it or not, no whining, no calling for my Mom. LOL

      The KW cake was awesome. I made it with maple apple butter, sub maple syrup for the honey-heaven. Cake for breakfast it is. Those brownies, pure indulgence.

  3. You bake too? You really should lead with that. I wonder why I don't get replies to my comments here? Oh...never mind. I just saw that subscribe to post comments thingie. I'll just try that.

    1. I am the original renaissance man. I can raise it, cook it, sew. A host of talents. No replies because I either, had to finally go to bed, was at work or had some RL stuff to take care of. It happens.


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