Monday, January 2, 2012

10 Resolutions for 2012

     This is a first for me, doing the Monday Listicles. I like the idea of resolutions I have no intention of keeping. Not that that would make them any different from other resolutions, I can resist anything but temptation in any way, shape or form. Swing by Stasha's to check out all the other resolutions we won't be keeping in the year ahead.

1 Make my bed everyday. If my mother couldn't make me......
2 Clean my room. A close second to #1. I know where everything is, on the floor.
3 Be clean shaven. I like Movember. I hate shaving. Who can survive all that blood loss?
4 Drink less coffee. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha, not a chance. Caffeine is an essential vitamin isn't it?
5 Eat a balanced breakfast. Do caffeine, nicotine and toothpaste hit all the food groups?
6 Lose weight. Okay, I probably will do that but just in case I'm keeping all the assorted sizes of clothes.
7 Exercise more. Any is more than none.
8 Finish one project before I start another. Multi tasking, people. Why waste good storage space?
9 Pay attention more. Sorry, where you talking to me?
10 Drive the speed limit. I can't believe lightning didn't strike me on that one.

     Ten resolutions I won't be keeping for 2012. Should I be worried stopping at ten was the hardest part?
What won't you be doing in the year ahead?


  1. I hear you! This was the fastest list I ever made and the hardest to choose just ten :) Great blog you have Paul, lovely to meet you. Happy 2012!

  2. LOL! Read this to my husband who LOLed too! He says he's with you. Welcome to Listicles!

    Oh, both Stasha and I want you to get on Twitter. Please?

  3. OK, so when you said "clean-shaven" - as this is my 1st visit here I thought you were a "mom" - sorry! - and I had to go peek at your profile. (-;
    Cleaning is over-rated. My husband and I always say we'd rather sit on our couch for a chat and a cuppa than have a clean sink without any dishes in it. So we go through a lot of tea bags. (-:

  4. I will not make my bed either - neither could my mom make me do it ;) Here's wishing you a great 2012 ahead even with these resolutions you won't keep :)

  5. Thanks for visiting Stasha. I had a laugh getting my list together and reading the others has been hilarious.
    Awesome blog yourself, enjoy the new year ahead.

  6. Hi Jennifer, glad you and the husband liked my list. I've had enough giggles over at your blog, happy to return the favour.
    Working on the Twitter thing, promise by February.

  7. Hi Ado, thanks for the visit. I've been call a "mother" but usually paired with another word LOL Here's to a lot of tea bags in 2012.

  8. Hi "G" I hate getting into a made bed. The first thing I do is pull out all the sheets, Maybe I have confinement issues? These resolutions I won't be keeping kind of guarentee a good 2012. Un-made beds for the both of us LOL

  9. I have confinement issues as well. Is this why my closet is so messy? Please say yes...

  10. Hi Theresa,
    My closet is clean, everything is on the floor LOL That's a big yes I think??

  11. I've always thought it was silly to make your bed when you are just going to crawl back into it....(and mess it up if you are so lucky).
    But I cannot leave my clothes on the floor. It's a bug thing. I don't know why I think some exotic bug will crawl into my jeans here in the Prior....but ya just never know, right? LOL

  12. ROFL, do they have exotic bugs in the 'prior?(Which rhymes with Shire only 11 months to go)
    Funny so many people feel like I do about the bed, Mom always made it into a crime and Dad won't get into an unmade bed??

  13. Man great list! ha ha! #1 might be one of my favorites :)

  14. Hi Audrey, thanks for the visit
    I can't get the image of a pregnant you in your Karate garb out of my head. Great list yourself

  15. Stopping at ten was hard for me too. I think caffeine should be declared an essential vitamin for sure!

  16. Hi Stacey,
    Just think of all the things we won't be doing in the new year LOL
    Maybe we can petition to have caffeine declared a vitamin???

  17. A big hooray for #8, multi-tasking! Happy New Year Paul and thanks for dropping by my corner!

  18. "Caffeine is an essential vitamin isn't it?" -Yes, it is!

    I wish I'd read your blog earlier - I probably would have put shave everyday on my list, too. :)

  19. I definitely won't be drinking less coffee. I will probably be drinking more. And I won't be making the bed, either. Or driving the speed limit.

  20. Thanks for the visits everyone. What a great way to start 2012, chuckling and giggling away.

    I'll be speeding along, hopped up on caffeine, unshaven, rushing back to my unmade bed, in a slovenly bedroom, floor covered with different sizes of clothes.

    Maybe I should have set the bar a little higher ROFL

    Have a fantastic new year.

  21. Oh, life is far too short to drive the speed limit, Paul. Great list - welcome to the Monday Listicles inner sanctum!

  22. Drive the speed limit? Why didn't I think of that one for my list??!! And finishing projects? I'm with you on that one. I have the same =P (Welcome to Monday Listicles!)

  23. If you have a healthy breakfast of coffee and nicotine you'll definitely lose weight. Two birds, one stone. Happy New Year

  24. Great post! Caffeine is a necessity isn't it? I know I'd die without it.

  25. Cookie, I'm going to have to use that next time I get stopped, see what the nice officer says LOL
    Janice, I WILL finish at least one project this year, maybe, I hope.
    Bridget, thanks for the healthy lifestyle tips LMAO, I never though of it that way.
    Sara, I'm considering just IVing the stuff directly into my veins.


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