What You'll Find

     There are a couple of ways to navigate through the blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is a quick explanation of how to find what you are looking for.

     There are three ways to get around, all on the right hand side.

The cloud label breaks the posts up by how I tagged them, recipes, gardening, family etc.
The search bar allows you to search the blog by keyword.
The blog archive is a month by month of all the posts   


     The recipe index page is an alphabetical listing of all the recipes you'll find here. The cloud label breaks them down into categories like canning, cookies etc. All of the recipes can be printed and the photos and additional text can be removed to save paper. To remove my ramblings, click on the text, it will highlight, click again and it is removed.

     Family History

     For those of you doing genealogical research, I have separated the family histories from the posts about my current living family. There are nine posts tracing my various family lines under the label "family histories". There are also a few stubs, bits that add to the story of my family but don't exactly fit into the trees. Tips on how I have done my investigating or what I found helpful are under the label "growing your family tree".

     If you are a family member looking for pictures/stories you will want the label "family". All the posts dedicated  to the current family will pop up and you can browse through them at your leisure.  

     However you choose, feel free to sit a spell and browse around. I hope you'll enjoy your stay.