Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Less Wordy Wednesday

     So it is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday but....

My maternal grandmother as a girl
Beatrice Elizabeth Sadler

With her new husband, Herbert Leach Fisher
 and firstborn child, my aunt Marlyn

Eleven children later
The last, my aunt Deb in her arms
My uncle Leonard wrapped around her neck
Still smiling.

     Pictures like these are why I love doing the family histories here in the "Kitchen". Happy Wednesday.


  1. How great that you have all those old photographs.
    Eleven kids?! God bless her!

    1. I've been asking (harrassing/pestering) my relatives to get them and preserve them as digital copies.
      She was an amazing woman, just to have survived those eleven. I know what they're like LOL

  2. wow...does grandma ever look like Deb in that picture. Or, I guess Deb really looks like her.
    I'm getting love that you are chronicling all this for our family.

    1. I know, after looking at some of the older pictures you can really see the Sadler side.
      I get a little misty myself. I think of Grandpa often but I have to say I really miss Grandma, maybe because she was with us more? longer?
      It really is a labour of love.


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