Sunday, January 22, 2012

Savoury Sunday, I'm back

     Sunday, time for another recipe post. Uh sorry. No recipe. Why Savoury Sunday? I'm savouring being back on line.

     That's right, I have survived the last week with limited then no internet access. My modem died, a slow painful, much mourned death. No email, no porn surfing, no blogging, nothing.

     I had no idea I had come to rely on the interweb quite so heavily. Many of my games won't work without a connection, banking, installing the software I got for Christmas, hell, even calling to report my problem the first prompt is to check online for a solution.

     Now I'm hopelessly behind. If you thought the break would be somehow liberating or I could catch up on RL, not so much. The family projects in the works are all stored online. The software for editing the pictures, wouldn't install. No way to draft and schedule posts. No way to contact and coordinate the efforts for next month's Social Media month. Hours spent on hold reporting, identifying, then finding I needed a new modem. Installing then distributing the new log in much to the relief of my housemates. Rather than giving me time to get things done, it tied everything up as I tried to get things fixed.

     But it's back. I swear I could kiss that little connection icon in my system tray. I have missed you so. If I said I would contact you, I apologise for the delay. If something is late, I promise I'll get to it, soon. My regular postings will resume, comments will be made, blogs will be read. (Except for yours Jennifer. I have no idea why but it won't load?? One more thing to try and figure out). That's right, be afraid, very afraid, cuz I'm back.


  1. I couldn't access any Blogger blogs yesyerday. Hubby said Blogger was down or something. Glad you are back!!! :)


Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed your time in the "Kitchen".