Me and my Blog

     Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace, thanks for stopping by. This is a little something about me and the evolution of the blog.

     I'm an only child, yes I have problems sharing my toys.  I grew up on a farm in the Ottawa valley, surrounded by family. Both my parents are from families of eleven and their parents are from large families as well. That means dozens of relatives; aunts, uncles and cousins. I met my great grandmothers and knew some of my great aunts and uncles as well. Until recently, all four of my grandparents were there to spoil the first grandson.

     I love my family, but like many teens I was eager to get out and see the world. Of course I knew better, was smarter, had it all figured out. Sound familiar? Thank God they were all there to pick me up when I stumbled and I'm very clumsy.

     I ended up living in the big city of Toronto. The blog started because I miss being around my family and, believe it or not, the farm too. I don't really have a strong desire to move back, I like my public transit, 24 hour everything and "Do you deliver?", of course they do. All the important things in life. Now I can stay in touch, share photos and recipes, all without leaving the "Kitchen". 

     My love affair with food started as a child and will probably continue all my life. I come from generations of great cooks. We raised our own livestock and poultry and everyone had a garden. Lots of fresh everything and they know how to prepare it. 

       A natural extension of my love of food is gardening. Nothing compares to "out of the garden" fresh. I'm sure my parents find it hilarious I spend so much time and effort in my own garden after all the b**ching about tending the one at home as a kid.

     The family histories evolved while I was trying to identify people in my late grandmother and grandfather Fisher's photos. A little digging for names turned into a full fledged interest in my various family lines and learning more about them and the lives they led.

      There you have it, a little something about a boy and his blog.