Sunday, January 15, 2012

Savoury Sunday

     Ha, fooled you again. Still Friday, first course of medication hasn't quite kicked in, on with the second. Not sure what is going on, click here. Nothing says manly cold remedy like something you stir with a cinnamon stick. But I digress. Maybe the meds are kicking in.

     Before I lose any capacity for thought on to this Sunday's post, two more places to drop by if ever you are lacking for inspiration in the kitchen.

     The Gourmet Farm Girl. I love the way she cooks. (and am jonesing for a plate of that curry right now)

If only you could eat from the screen

 Lots of great recipes and an Etsy shop where you can pick up her spice blends, vinegars etc etc etc. (No she's not paying me, she may not even know I'm raving about her stuff)

      Another favourite, Generation Y Foodie. How can you resist food that looks this good. I can't.

     More great eating and beautiful pictures. (I really need to get out that new camera and learn how to use it) Two more places that I stop by to motivate me when I'm feeling a little ho-hum in the kitchen. Enjoy.

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