Tuesday, September 30, 2014


     That week went by quickly. Time to link up with Rorybore again for Coffee Chat. Thankfully I re-read the prompt before I got too far along on the whole "Purge" idea. Immortal not immoral, got it.

     I'm taking this as being indestructible for a day. Immortal = can't die. Here's what I'd do.

Or maybe

Of course there is always this too.

      I'm terrified of heights. Maybe not so much the height as the abrupt stop at the end if/when you fall. Honestly, I can barely watch the videos but I still think it would be amazing to try.

     What would you do?

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Precious

     Coffee Chat with Rory, oh how I have missed you. Truth be told I have missed most of the blogsphere for a long time. Life has been ... complicated .... for a number of reasons. Most days I'm lucky to collect my thoughts and that works our perfectly for today. We're talking collections, things that are our "precious".

    If you've glanced over my sadly neglected blog, you can probably guess what I collect. No it's not dust, empty beer bottles or cooking utensils although I do have those in spades round here. It's not books, or music, again I have plenty of both. So what has me in hunched in the corner, hands clutched to my chest, crooning, "My Precious" as I absently caress the object of my desire? (that sounds way creepier than I meant it to) Give up???

     I collect stories.The stories of my family in whatever form they may take.

     I have thousands of pictures, letters and cards. All digitized. An un-scanned photo album makes my heart beat faster.

     I have hundreds of records: births, deaths, census data, military records, baptisms, report cards, newspaper articles and books of family chronicles.

     My favourite is probably the recipes, some handed down for generations.

     I also collect things in my garden. To the best of my knowledge I'm the only one who still has the little Scarlet Emperor dahlias my grandmother always grew.  I grow marigolds and morning glories for my other grandmother. Half of what I grow reminds me of some one. 

     And sometimes all it takes is a kiss. My great aunt Shirley was always a little on the dramatic side.

     The things I could tell you!

     Don't forget tp drop on by Rory's to see what everyone else collects. What's your "precious"?