Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gifts from the Heart

     Okay, I promise last post related to the holidays. 
     The biggest beef a lot of people have with the Christmas season is the rampant consumerism. Must have toys, advertising that starts just after Halloween, that whole keeping up with the Jones' mentality. I won't deny my family spends at Christmas, of course they do. BUT. Almost as much is spent on food for assorted holiday gatherings. Many of the gifts received are from the kitchen, or, the heart.

     My Mom out did herself this year.

     Last year in response to Ferd's smart assed Christmas list;
The Hope diamond = a blue Glo Pop ring with the Redneck letter of authenticity and curse removal
Peace on earth = A jar of dirt and a question mark( I suggested a jar of dirt with peas on top)
The bones of John Merrick(aka the Elephant Man) = a wolf skull with a letter explaining a little known fact he was indeed a werewolf

     We laughed until there were tears in our eyes. My mom also enlisted the help of the family in creating these unique responses. Fun for all involved.

     This year, my father received a scrap book detailing the history of our farm from its original crown land grant to the present. I got one detailing my life, from the baptismal certificate, through all the grade school photos and report cards to the present. It was awesome, she even included my baby bracelet from the hospital. Then there was Ferd, again. This is one of two photos he received, beautifully framed and mounted.

The associated title was,"Mama Mia, here I go again"

     So what you may ask? Here's the thing. This is the original photo

     She had photoshopped his head onto the other photo. He is terrified of our horses but is always asking for pictures for bragging rights at work. The Abba reference was supplied by my cousin because Ferd has an unusual fondness for the group. Once again, family participation and a good laugh all the way around.

     Although there were other gifts, these were the treasures. No designer labels, no outrageous price tags. Gifts of time and thought, from the heart. You're the best, Mom.


  1. My mom made me a scrap book the year our youngest was born... so much happened that year...her birth, 2 weddings, trips to overseas etc. I have a beautiful memento and always love looking through it. Moms are the best, aren't they???

  2. Loved that book she made for you dad. Just amazing.

    I didn't get to see yours though :(

    I really, really wanted to see Mamma Mia at theatre (meaning live....although, you cannot ever beat Meryl!). Chris is also a BIG Abba fan. Like oddly big fan :)

  3. Susi,
    Mom's are the best. Can't really add to that

  4. Hey Rorybore,
    The books were amazing, mine was safely tucked away upstairs(So I wouldn't forget it)
    Maybe Chris and Ferd can do a reunion tour? LOL
    Mama Mia is the only time I actually liked sitting through two hours of Abba. The movie was good, the musical was awesome.


Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed your time in the "Kitchen".