Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Ramblings

     Okay, I'm a day late posting but, still a TGIF post. I thought about it on Friday, that's good enough. Hop on over to Just Jennifer to see the rest.

     Where to even start? At the beginning I suppose.

     I left for the 'Valley on Friday the 23rd, at 11:40 pm despite my best efforts to get organised and on the road early, Ha. Got home around 3:30 am, unpacked the car, ate and finally got to bed around 6 am. Mom came bursting in at 8:00am looking for something, I had none of my presents wrapped, yelled "Don't look" "Get out". Now awake, I joined my parents and Katie for coffee. Two whole hours of sleep.

     I decided to drop off the gingerbread houses, "I'll be back early". Ha, again. I arrived back at my parent's place by 4:30 pm. I started at 10:30 am. Craig male, no concept of time. Helped Mom with prep for Christmas dinner, ate, wrapped, in bed by 1:00 am.

My cousin with her grand daughter
The look on her face is worth a little sleep deprivation

Just in case you though it was all sugar and spice in my kitchen for the holidays
Serial killer and lingerie gingerbread cookies
A big hit at work (Who are these co workers of mine?)

Inspired by this picture
Rorybore's Mom sent this to me with this caption
"My cookies got thrown out of the church bake sale again"
A fiery red head with that glint in her eye,
You know the one I mean

     Christmas morning, up by 7:00, opened presents with my cousin, back home opened presents with my parents, more prep-35 people for dinner, then off to my grandparent's for a quick visit and to drop off cookies. Ferd scored doughnuts, my mom and cousin ate them on him, back to my parent's and a house full of Mom's family. It even started to snow just a little. A picture perfect day.

     There was food everywhere. We even hooked up the deep fryer in the garage so Ferd could make spring rolls. A huge hit again this year.

     An enormous meal, topped off with Mom's smooth as silk Maple Cheesecake, my aunt Barb's Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cheesecake (there aught to be a law) and several other assorted cookies and squares. Good thing I kept that belt. A few mulled ciders with spiced rum and I was out by 4:30. Back up a bit later, more food, dominoes then time to say farewell.

     Boxing Day, a longer visit with my grandparents, more food, quick nap, dinner, then out to my aunt's to see my cousin from Halifax. We laughed so much I thought my jaw was going to fall off. Dominoes again, back to my parent's by 3:30 am.

The Keith's care package my cousin got me
I do love my Keith's

     The 27th, a trip to Ottawa for a gift exchange, more visiting various relatives, yet more dominoes, more food, bed by 1:00 am.

     Final day, more hurried visiting with relatives, more food, then all too soon it was time to load up the car and start back to the city with the haul. I got lots of great gifts, fresh salmon, venison and moose courtesy of the hunters in the family, another care package of cookies and squares just in case my blood sugar ever levelled out and my favourite, the photo Christmas cards.

     Don't hate me, people continue to send them because of people like me. We usually don't do Christmas themed, matching outfit cards, just pictures.

How else would I know these three

Are now the three young men here

Or how much these two have grown

Or that these three are still as adorable as ever

Or that these two really do stand still,
At least for a photo op

     A spot of tea with my aunt on the way out, permission for a project I have had in the planning for a while then a quick ride back to the city. A bit too quick according to the nice officer and the speeding ticket. It could have been much worse, thanks for that. Back to Toronto by 3:00 am.

    Why thankful? I can finally get some freakin' sleep. LOL

     Off to a friend's "Nice and Steezy" New Year's Eve party tonight. How does one dress for "steezy"? Tomorrow will be quiet, vewy, vewy quiet.

     Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as I have, and am still enjoying, mine.


  1. Sounds like your holidays were quite busy and full of fun. And your cookies are adorable! And the line about the cookies getting thrown out of the church bake sale...hilarious! Happy New Year!

  2. I goodness, I am a terrible linky host for not getting here as soon as you linked up! My apologies, sir!

    I. Need. That. Cheesecake.

    That is all.

  3. Supermom, the holidays are always busy. A big family is a blessing, the curse, not enough time to see and visit with everyone but I tried
    My aunt is always doing stuff like the bake sale cookies, she is hilarious

  4. Hi Jennifer, I'm working on those cheesecake recipes. I've got the maple already.
    Just need the Chocolate caramel Pecan.
    Or maybe I don't.LOL

  5. Hey....sleeping beauty...rested up yet? LOL

    Was still good seeing you and Ferd: and your gingerbraead and spring rolls if I must eat them too. haha

  6. OG, I was cross eyed tired on Christmas day. I felt so bad I crashed and missed visiting with you.
    I heard Angel Girl was the hit of dinner with her blessing. You must be proud.
    Happy 2012

  7. I could tell you were exhausted. believe me... I don't begrudge anyone a good nap!
    As for AG, yes it was pretty cute.....file that under "things they did in fact learn when you thought they weren't paying attention."

  8. Glad I'm forgiven, still wish we had had some time to chat. Sometimes they are in fact listening and taking it all in LOL


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