Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the Campaign Trail

     It's official, I'm in group 4 over at Movita's. Feel free to drop by and cast a vote for me, again and again and again. I'm up against some tough competition. Damn three little pigs...

    Seriously, you have got to drop by just to see what everyone came up with. A little boost of holiday cheer/ginger madness. I've got to wonder if all of the entries are meant to be eaten, some of them are so beautiful. Knowing how much time and effort goes into them, I've got to say," Cheers, and a job well done to all my fellow competitors. Now go vote for me.

     I'm not sure I could do this again, I'm so distracted. Obsessively checking the results, emails, facebook posts, blog posts. It's exhausting. I still have 6 more houses to finish or there will be a lot of sad faces when I get back to the 'Valley this weekend. Now go vote for me

    I'm holding my own so far. Thanks for the support. If I make it to the finals, I'll be back with more flogging tomorrow. I've enlisted a co worker to help.

     I'd like to be all grown up and stuff and say vote for who ever you like best. Screw that. Go vote for me again LOL

     Hope your all having a great Wednesday. Wish me luck.


  1. Your gingershoe is freaking awesome!

  2. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with how it all turned out.


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