Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All that glitters...

     Other than a whack of baking, and eating and drinking, the holidays aren't complete without a little glitter. I'm a bit of a magpie, if it glitters, sparkles, shimmers, spins, or any combination there of, I'm sold. I have boxes of ornaments. Christmas is the only time my less is more rule goes right out the window.

     Working in the hospitality industry, Christmas is a busy time. Many years I was working so couldn't go home. I used to host an annual tree trimming party. You either brought or made an ornament for the tree. They were legendary. That's how I ended up with a spinning, gold painted, rolled in glitter 6 inch macaroni ball. It was awesome. Unfortunately it didn't survive a water heater breakdown and the resulting flood.

     The one thing having a tree had in common was the battle of who was going to take it down. I kid you not, I've had them up until April. I can be very stubborn and I always put up a real tree, imagine.

     If I'm not going to spend the holidays in the city, I no longer put up a tree. I string garland on the plate rail around my living room and decorate that. Seems easy enough, right? It's sixty feet of garland, lights and ornaments. Putting up a tree would probably be easier.

     After a holiday meltdown, I wasn't going to decorate this year. I hauled everything out, started, then my ornaments kept getting danced around the living room as various bits of two of my housemates anatomy. This would be the 29 and 46 year old, they grow up so fast, don't they? After about 30-45 minutes of this, I had finally had enough "help". I kid you not, I sent them to their respective rooms, packed everything up and vowed, no decorating this year. Then I started cooking.

    Now the house smelled like the holidays but no sparkle?? Other than my personality of course. I relented. As I sit here, I can smell the delicious aroma of my mincemeat simmering away upstairs. Back to the glitter.

The beginning, nails along the plate rail

The entertainment unit,
Yes, I know those speakers are ridiculously over sized
Legacy of a misspent youth( and several noise complaints to the police)
I told you my tree trimming parties were legendary

The garland

Around every obstacle

Stringing the lights

Memories of Christmas past
I've decorated all with toys a couple of times
Dollar store finds, every one
Cutest and cheapest decorating ever

The treasure trove

Latest addition, glass angels
A gift,
I like, collect is too strong a word, glass ornaments

Beautiful (and sparkly)

The little gingerbread man
I use ornaments as gift tags on the gingerbread houses sometimes

Terrible shot of a glass starburst


Flying Santa, thanks Erin (more sparkles)

No spinning macaroni ball,
But my new favourite
Makes me smile every time I see it

Cracked glass balls in silver and gun metal grey

More beautiful glass

Sparkly stars
Another gift

 Sparkles in bronze

Gold glass teardrops

Big silver glitter snow flakes
There are also the smaller white irridescent ones

8" spiral glass icicles
I only have one of the original eight left
If anyone knows where I can get replacements..
Another gift

All dressed up

No such thing as too much

Far more interesting to look at than the cobwebs in the corners

     The pictures in harsh light don't really do the garland justice. A few candles, only the Christmas lights on and it shimmers and sparkles as the light catches the various bits and pieces. Nothing spins, but you can't have everything. Now the house looks and smells like the holidays.

     Any favourite ornaments? Decorating tips for the holidays?


  1. Oh.....shiney! Love it! Can't wait to have nice things again!
    If we aren't the strongest argument for genetics...I don't know what would be! :)

  2. You already have nice things, I saw the pictures.
    Your house looked so Christmas-y compared to mine.
    You got the decorating gene LOL

  3. I love the garland idea... it looks so nice and festive. Plus, everything is up high... probably would be a great idea for me... 3 kids and an assortment of animals make it interesting with a tree!!! :) I'm glad you decided to decorate.

  4. Thanks Susi. I never considered that. No kids (other than my tenants), no pets ( I can't even keep houseplants alive) Last year my cousin's cat crashed their tree. I do miss the smell of a tree though.
    I'm glad I decided to decorate too. Makes me feel better.


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