Thursday, December 15, 2011


     Yeah, it's Friday, time for TGIF over at Just Jennifer. How can you not like to end the work week on a positive note?
     DIY, Destroy it Yourself, that's what that stands for right? I'm not sure why, subliminal messages in the Christmas carols I suspect, but this is the time of year that brings out everyone's inner "crafty-ness". Normally sane and sedate human beings are suddenly all a whirl trying to create those "Do It Yourself" masterpieces.

     People who can't boil water are bustling around in the kitchen baking batches of cookies or other home made treats. Those who don't know the difference between a pine cone or a pine nut are creating elaborate winter wonder-scapes in their homes. People who have never held a wrench are staple gunning decorations to the porch. Parents who think a hex key is something they saw in a Harry Potter movie are assembling toys for children. We all seem to fall victim.

     I'm no different. I have some compelling examples that feed that delusion of "handiness".

     First off, I can cook. I'm not a great cook but I know my way around the kitchen. Hell, every year I create these.

Gingerbread house, from scratch might I add

      I have a fully stocked tool chest and a chainsaw. I created this after all.

I really made that mirror, faux gilt finish and all

It's massive
All found objects except the actual paint

     I have that "eye". You know what I mean. I can look at something and see it as something else. Something wonderful with a little time and effort.

My liquor cabinet
It was painted a brilliant orange and missing one of the bottom doors
It turned out okay I think

     I can sew. I've given my father jeans, I've made luxurious plush terry cloth robes. My Christmas gift to my friend Terri used to be her New Year's dress. Sorry, no pictures of any of those.

     I am a freakin' domestic god. Martha move over, the boys are back in town. Then reality hits.

     I have a batch of slightly singed Christmas cakes, for the third time, to inflict on share with the family.

     That lovely transformed hutch took three years to complete and would still be in my basement but I needed the space. The rather impressive mirror represents the only project of its type that was a success. 

     As for the sewing. There is still a plush terry cloth robe waiting to be put together, for 4 years. My living room drapes still aren't hemmed. It's only been 7 years and that plant stand hides it anyway. Terri's last dress, a beautiful wine velvet, low back, plunging neckline, fit like a glove creation-until I lined it. We had to cut the lining out so she could wear it. Thankfully she got married and moved to Vancouver, tradition ended.
     My last festive centre piece looked more like a hedge trimmer accident than a winter wonderland.

     Okay Martha, your seat on the throne is secure.

     Why the TGIF? I'm thankful I have finally learned my lesson. Christmas can be stressful enough with out taking on any new projects. Sticking with the tried and true this year. Well, except for trying to re create my grandmother's mince meat recipe. Oh, and those stained glass cookies for the gingerbread houses.

     How hard can that be??

     Are you crafty? Drop me a line or a link in the comments and share your favourite holiday craft ideas. Successes or maybe not so much. Pictures would be great too. I won't feel quite so alone. 
     Have a great Friday.


  1. I'm so confused! Can you or can you not make gingerbread houses from scratch?

    Well, whatever! It was a fun read and I'm glad you linked up!

  2. I can and do make the gingerbread houses. My one (and only) true Christmas talent.

  3. I can testify Jennifer -- his gingerbread houses are not only awesome looking..but very, very tasty!
    unlike my pathetic attempt posted today.

  4. Thanks Rory, Stop you'll make me blush LOL
    I liked your houses, they were so cute and you took the time to decorate all around the board.

  5. Oh did you see the rocket I made for my son?

    Those are really great creations coming from a man! ;)

  6. That rocket is crazy, very cool idea,

    We, us men, have our uses and a few surprises up our sleeves LOL


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