Monday, December 12, 2011

Bulking up

     Yes, this is my new work out regime. Oh wait, just let me catch my breath and wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. Of course it isn't a work out plan, you should know better than that. The only power lifting I do is pound cake. LMAO

     I'm talking about stocking up for holiday baking. I don't know how things are where you live but here in Toronto, the pickings get slim fast. You snooze. you lose. In order to avoid not being able to find key ingredients like past seasons, I started early. My favourite places to start, the bulk stores.

Just look at all those goodies

    Last weekend was the first trip to my all time favourite, Bulk Barn. They always have a great selection of cake boards, candies, gel colours and the essentials for gingerbread house construction. Yes, you can find them in other places but you really can't beat the prices or the selection. I really lucked out this time because I also got all of the candied and glazed fruit and peel for my Christmas cakes. Not only did they have Maraschino cherries in both colours, they were on sale. Hurray. I also scored some sour apple gummies, perfect for leaves on the ginger bread tree house in the works this year.

     I avoided the bulk molasses, that is just disaster waiting to happen. Not even going to try and tempt fate with the hour long public transit commute there. I also passed on the bulk chocolate. I'm really picky about chocolate and don't mind spending a bit more.

My local Strictly Bulk
I'd be lost without it
     A trip to my local store, Strictly Bulk. It is conveniently located two blocks from my house. You can't beat that.  The other nice thing is they carry an astonishing array of organic products with out the astonishing price tags. Being green or at least enviro friendly, they are also good about letting me use the 2.5 gallon plastic pails I have for sugar and flour. Weigh the empty container first and then the full container after. No muss, no fuss. I get all my flour, sugars, spices and nuts there.

St Lawrence Market, from the outside in the spring
Random pics off the web

Inside it's packed with different shops
Just about anything you need is there

      Finally, the little store tucked away in the basement of St Lawrence Market, north west corner. I don't know the name but they are amazing. Exotic marzipan figures and harder to find decorations. They even have a bunch of little mini chocolates in the shape of liquor bottles, for when I open that gingerbread bar.
The prices aren't cheap but.....

     Do you bulk up?


  1. Hi Paul... thanks for stopping by at Time out for Mom and reading my guest post!!! I love Toronto, been there once when I was 19 and would love to go back on day. Gotta go up the CN Tower again!!! Can't wait to check out some of your recipes... I love to cook!!!!

  2. Thanks Susi, I'll be happy to go to Florida, we can trade.
    I already checked out your German meatball recipe. Gotta give that one a try.


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