Monday, December 19, 2011

Gettin' my Ginger on

     Today is the deadline for submissions for "Ginger 2011" over at Movita Beaucoup. Loving gingerbread the way I do, I decided to slap a shack together and see how I stacked up against the competition.

     This worked for several reasons.

     I was already making houses. I called down to see if perhaps some of my cousins had gotten a little to "grown up". Not so, requests were in. 

    I had to step up my game anyway because the kiddies are getting to be a tough audience (ungrateful little @#$%  darlings that they are). They're not so easily impressed.

     Finally, I'm always up for a challenge. A chance to expand my horizons and flex those culinary muscles.

     It was on.

Drafting the pattern

My palette

A million pieces

Baked together to make sculpting, trimming and bevelling easier
The edge is soft that way

Stained glass cookie windows

The close up

Jimmy Choo never had a peep toe like this

Supports inside to build on

Pinned and drying the icing

All the bits, ready for assembly

Ferd trying to steal my thunder-no help, none
Okay, he made dinner so I could keep working

Because I promised Movita

'Cause I look insane

The four official photos
Turned out pretty well, a few things I'd do differently next time
Ha, like there will be another of these
Who knew licorice won't actually tie in a bow
Or that it would snap just as I got it all threaded through those damn Life Saver eyelets

     Lots of fun, lots of work, lots of candy, icing and gingerbread. My houses usually weigh in at about 4 pounds . This bad boy is 7. Paige, Madison, I hope you like your house.

7 pounds of holiday goodness

   By all means drop by Movita's and show me some love. I really want those cookbooks. Seriously, vote for who ever you like, I haven't seen the competition yet, but I do really want those cook books. I mean really, really would like those cook books.

     The little old lady who lived in a shoe, and the nut job who made her out of gingerbread. Drop by Coffee Chat tomorrow over at Time out for Mom, I'm guest posting there and guess what the topic is?? May the best house win.


  1. OH and WOW!
    seriously, shut the gate...who could top that?

    Hi Ferd! was there tiramisu for dessert?

  2. If I had the means, I'd move into that ginger masterpiece.


  3. That is one heckuva gingerbread house! I have never ever made or decorated a gingerbread house. Sad huh? Bought an Ikea one for the kids to decorate and enjoy this year. You're a pro!

  4. Seriously awesome, my "imaginary" hat is off to you. Wish I was one of your cousins!!! :) I'm off to vote now. Hope it's not too late. My kids are in awe...

  5. Thanks for all the ginger love. I can't tell you how much fun I had. Don't forget to vote on Wednesday over at Movita's. Even if you don't pick mine (but how can you not) all the entries deserve a look.

  6. This is amazing! just popped over from movita's blog. Now I gotta go back and vote. Good luck!

  7. I am in awe! This is how you build a proper gingerbread house!

  8. Dude, this description of the process and your pictures are awesome. You are kicking my farmhouse's butt, and I think that's only fair. This post was hilarious.

  9. This is hilarious. Why didn't I bust out my hard hat while making my gingerbread house?? It's green, and festively decorated with stars. What was I thinking?

    :)Excellent work!

  10. Hi Emma,
    One smart ass comment to Movita...
    Next year maybe I'll see if I can find an Indian, cop and a leatherman, have the whole band. LOL
    Thanks for the visit? What were those blue disks on your house? Chocolate?


Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed your time in the "Kitchen".