Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing in the Dirt, One Last Time

     In Toronto, we have been having an unusually warm fall. Today it was 15 degrees, practically beach weather. It was time to go out and do what I have been avoiding. Close the back yard and prep the garden for the long winter that is just around the corner.

My walnut tree out back, completely bare

     With my fall crops in the ground, winter onions and garlic, the only real prepping was digging up my glads and dahlias. They are now safely drying a little in my mud room, waiting to be stored until next spring.

Gladiolus bulbs, and there isn't snow on the ground like last year

     As I was wandering around, I was surprised how much is still growing, unaware how close the winter snows are.

Heliotrope, still going strong

Blanket flowers

Alyssum, tucked under the now removed dahlias

Tomatoes, still producing, right until the end

     I drained the fountain, covered the BBQ and the fireplace and took in the patio umbrella. The back yard oasis looks pretty grim. Oh well, May is only six months away, sigh

Battening down for a long winter

     This time of year always makes me feel a little blue. No more stepping out to the garden for fresh everything, wearing heavier clothes, searching for the gloves, hats and scarves packed away in the spring. But wait, Christmas is around the corner, ski season, Blueberry Tea to warm up on a cold winter night. Maybe things aren't so bad after all. Besides, April will be here before you know it, bringing daffodils, Spring Beauties, bloodroots and trilliums. The heralds of next year's gardening season.


  1. As I was piling leaves on my gardens, I couldn't believe how much was still showing off! My darn primroses - which didn't bloom in the spring - have bloomed for the 4th time! And another Mallow has sprung up out of nowhere. It's been a very confusing gardening year! But I do like the surprises.

  2. I was surprised how much is still going here too. Lots of green with the brown. We haven't had a hard frost yet, not like Mom and Dad. My leaves pile themselves LOL


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