Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I just want to dance

     So, on a cold November day 47 years ago today, in a little town called Perth.... You guessed it, today is my birthday. Hard to believe so much time has passed. I remember thinking in my twenties how impossibly old the forties sounded. Now that I'm not only here but on the other side closer to my fifties, it still seems impossibly old. I thought I would feel differently, be more "grown up", have things figured out and have all this great wisdom to share. Oh well, goals for my fifties I guess.

     As we get older, buying gifts gets tougher. If I want or need something I normally just go get it. If I don't have it, it's expensive enough I wouldn't feel all that comfortable receiving it as a gift anyway. Okay, maybe I would accept the square cut one carat diamond studs, or the Range Rover, but only under protest. LOL

     Of course I've been asked what I want. I kind of drew a blank. Sure there are all kinds of things, books, movies, dinner, chocolate, always chocolate, but I don't really really want or need any of those things. What do I want, what would mark this particular birthday?

     As you may or may not know, I have a weakness for "pop tarts", my guilty pleasure. I'm not talking the pop in the toaster kind either. I'm talking K$sha, P!nk, Britney, Rihanna and perhaps the queen of them all, Kylie. Not to forget the boys, there's David Guetta, Tiao Cruz, Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo and on and on and on. My iPod is littered with them. I have as of yet, to develop that taste for country music most people seem to expect me to have.

     I also love to dance. I'm not saying I can dance, I just like to. Usually, it takes a lot of social lubrication to get me on the dance floor, much more than a six pack. I'm a very self conscious dancer.

     How did that happen? As kids, we dance and move to any beat, even if it's just the one in our heads. In our teens, it gets awkward, anyone remember school dances?? In your twenties, clubbing and dancing go hand in hand. Somewhere in my thirties it all changed. I guess partly because the novelty of clubbing had long passed and I didn't go out dancing often. E induced raving isn't my thing either and any kind of structured dancing, ball room, salsa, etc is well beyond my level of co-ordination.

     I saw this clip online. This kid is so me, right down to losing my balance and bouncing off the fridge. Maybe not to Micheal Jackson, not really a fan but... I would never get caught though, I'd make sure I was alone in the house. No evidence =  no crime.

     That's what would mark this birthday, a night out dancing. Bass reverberating in your chest, anonymous in a crowd, hands in the air, shaking it all down, your friends pretending they don't know who you are, dancing. And of course someone there to pick up the bar tab. LMAO

     My birthday wish and a bit of a confession. What would make your next birthday memorable?


  1. Yeah "throw your hands in the air, wave em like you just don't care!" LOL

    did you get your wish?

    As much as I love music and dancing....a quiet house to myself the entire day is very high on my wish list!

  2. I can only dance after 10 shots of wait, I would've passed out by then, maybe 5.

    Happy Birthday! I'm on the other side nearing the 40s and turning the big 4-0 is freaking me out slightly. I hope you get your birthday gift of a night out dancing! :)

  3. Hi Rory, I did not get my wish yet. My "Man" cold has re surfaced with a vengence. I'm so stuffed up right now I can't hear anything. I feel like I've been swimming and have water in my ears.
    A quiet, CLEAN house, that's just a fantasy LMAO

  4. Germaine, sounds like your my kind of dance partner LOL
    The thought of turning forty freaked me out a little. Actually turning forty didn't bother me at all. When you get there, it's just a number.


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