Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Giving Season

     I think my cousin must have a pipeline directly to my brain sometimes. Our Coffee Chat theme this week has been on my mind a lot lately.

    As the holiday season approaches there is always the list. What would you like this year? Whether you are making your own or getting them from others, lists. This year has been harder than others because I don't really need or want anything that money can buy. I know, strange but true.

     I'm not a big Christmas spender at the best of times. I don't buy gifts just to buy gifts. I prefer to make things, personalize the experience a little. I've never really bought in to the consumerism side of things and I don't feel bad if I can't afford to spend a lot. That has never been the focus of the holidays for me, or to an extent our family.

     I love the get togethers, the food, the laughs and conversation. Catching up with cousins, aunts, uncles and my grandparents. We're all busy but at the holidays everyone seems to take a little more time to get out and visit.

     Back to the list, or blank email my Mom kept asking me for. While procrastinating I received an email. I don't know if it is true but I have heard and read several things before about how a lot of money charity takes in never actually reaches the target. This one listed the top four of the worst with the Salvation Army and Shriners being the top two of the best.

     I have been involved in food drives, clothing drives,  volunteering time helping with local things, there is even a water buffalo with my name on it somewhere out there. A friend donated it in my name a couple of years ago. I've never directly been involved with a charity group. That got me reading.

     I ended up here at Plan Canada, Gifts of Hope. Intellectually, I know there is poverty. I know people are in desperate need of everything we take for granted, right down to a safe glass of water to drink. Here I am moaning about not being able to put together a list, happy about losing weight. Kind of bitching I have more than enough?? We should all be so lucky.

     I just may have to re think that list.


  1. I have a whale out there somewhere...I think his name is Colt. I'm not all-together happy they thought of me and...oh, whale. but whatev - it's for a good cause.

    and you know, you totally get a "by" when it's your mommy who asks you for the list. that's their job......or so I have been told recently by 3 to be left nameless little turkeys.

  2. Oh my God I can hardly catch my breath, a whale? LMAO I agree a great cause, but whale, you ?? Don't get the connection.(But it is still making me laugh)


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