Wednesday, November 9, 2011


    Being a guy, I would be remiss not mentioning Movember this month. Changing the face of the men's health movement one 'stache at a time.

     If your not familiar, here's how it works. For the 30 days of November, men around the world grow a moustache. They raise money and promote awareness of men's health issues, namely prostate cancer.

     Guys in general are pretty bad about taking care of their health. We could learn a thing or two from all of you women out there. My father has a couple of hilarious incidents with health care professionals.

     I'll jump right to the punch line for the sake of brevity. "I came here to have you look at my shoulder not piss in a bottle" and "Just take it off, I have to spray corn in the morning". The first was in response to the doctors attempt to run a full exam during one of Dad's oh so infrequent visits, the second was about having a toe removed that had gotten crushed in the gears of the machine shop door opener. Just rub some dirt on it, you'll be fine. I'm not much better.

     All kidding aside, this is a great cause. Here is the link to my friend Hossein's "stache and here is my friend Diane's husband Stephen's. Feel free to drop by and make a donation or offer some words of encouragement. I know they'd appreciate both or either.

Hossein, Steve??

     Happy Movember to all the participants, thanks for having my back.


  1. Thanks from Steve, Callum, and I for the plug, Paul!


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