Tuesday, November 1, 2011


One of my trick or treaters
Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas

     Another Tuesday, another Coffee Chat with Rorybore. This week's topic, Halloween, my favourite holiday besides Christmas. What to share? Scary story, favourite costume, best party? I don't know any scary stories even if my Dad swears our house is haunted. I have a question.

The "Walking Dead" look

     It is no surprise I like to cook, and eat. The best thing about "Trick or Treating" when I was a kid was the home made stuff. Popcorn balls, caramel or candy apples, cookies, cupcakes, fudge, we got and devoured them all.

     I have recipes for and make all kinds of things at Halloween. Unfortunately, they are for the big "kids", friends and co workers. I love they way their eyes light up when they see all the "treats". I guess everyone is a kid at heart.

        I know if I were to hand them out at the door, they would probably end up in the trash. It is an entirely different world now and you can't be too safe. People do some pretty awful stuff, not something I ever worried about.

     Here is the question. For those of us who refuse to grow up and still love all those things, is there a way to offer these home made treats, re introduce a little of my childhood magic? Are there any circumstances that would allow you, the parent to feel safe about your child receiving and consuming things that aren't pre packaged?

     It's a tough question, one I have given a lot of thought to but have no answer. I hate the fact a few nut jobs have ruined it and have made us feel unsafe. Any thoughts?

    Hope you had a Happy (and Spooky) Halloween.



  1. My answer is stick to the pre-packaged stuff. I'd gladly allow my kids to take home made treats from people we know but definitely not strangers - you'll never know what kind of stuff they put in there and what if it's a trick rather than a treat? But, then again, I know nuts about Halloween and giving out treats. OR, you could have your home made treats professionally packaged like it was store-bought ;)

  2. I think Germaine has a great idea for your kitchen cousin....new business venture: fresh home-made halloween treats -- but packaged safely to assure wary parents!
    Get on the Dragon's Den! LOL
    Thanks for linking up.

  3. And so the "Ossington Kitchen" is reborn, as a brand name. Just wait until next year LOL
    Thanks for the suggestions you two.


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