Sunday, January 2, 2011

Posting in the new year Pictures, pictures, pictures

     Well I survived the holiday season and my New Year's day dinner intact and am back on the blog. Over the holidays, I raided a couple of people's albums so have enough pictures to start some of the promised family pages.

     Over the next week or so I will be posting pages for both sets of grandparents and a page for each of the four individuals as well. It is easy to forget that our parents, grandparents etc are people too with their own interests and families before they had ones of their own so that is why the pages together and separate, to show a little of who they are. I have tried to identify as many people in the pictures as possible, if you catch any mistakes or can fill in names let me know.

    No recipe pages for a bit. I ate and ate and ate and ate over the holidays, so I don't even want to think about food for a bit. LOL I was also lucky enough to sample some of the recipes people made from the blog posts, it was brilliant.

      I also got a bunch of new kitchen wares so I can't wait to test everything out.

My new pressure canner ( I got two and had to return one, I guess those subtle hints paid off) and carving knife. Salsa recipes to test this fall and my own tomato sauces, and no botulism, Hurray. The carving knife is brilliant but does take a little of the fun out of my gatherings. It is a tradition at my house that the newest guest has to carve the "whatever". I have had some memorably carved turkeys and roasts and by carved I mean massacred. This just makes it all too easy. You got off easy Rauri LOL. I also got some nifty other things from my aunt, that de-odourizer thing really works and using that pot gripper would have saved me some singed fingers yesterday, oh well.

     A little more about the pictures. It isn't my intention to embarrass anyone, I picked pictures that I like for a bunch of different reasons. I have pictures that span about 150 years of our family history, styles change. We were suave in the 50's, hip in the 60's, swinging in the 70's and all big hair and shoulder pads in the 80's, just like everyone else. Before you laugh too hard about some of the pictures, stop and think what your potential children will say in thirty years about what you are wearing today, low rider jeans and tramp stamps??? Will they survive as smart fashion choices in the years to come? Pants with the crotch to your knees and your butt hanging out? Only time will tell.

     If you are a family member or friend feel free to copy any of the pictures, that's why they are here, to share. If not feel free to browse but please don't use any pictures without permission. They are our memories so please respect that.

    Finally one more picture of Mom, Dad and myself.

LMAO, I have no idea why Mom kept this, not my most shining moment. I look like I'm about to lose consciousness. Thanks Mom LOL

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