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Herbert Leach Fisher

This page is dedicated to my maternal grandfather,
Herbert Leach Fisher
December 6, 1919 - June 24, 2006

A classic pose, Grandpa in formal driving gear

Grandpa's parents
William Albert Fisher (Sept.3, 1875-Dec. 6, 1966) and
Maria Lavina Porter Fisher (June 22, 1878-Jan 24, 1952)
They were married on October 16, 1901
Here is a link Carly gave me to the Porter family database if you were interested in some more family history

Grandpa's father's parents
William Fisher (1840-1909) and Sarah Leach (July 12,1838-August 15, 1924)
William Albert is behind them, (that could be a picture of Butch)

This is a picture of Sarah Leach Fisher, right, and her sister's I think
If anyone can identify the other two ladies, please help

This photo is of Mrs Nicolas Leach, one of Grandpa's great aunts I'm guessing

The Fisher family,
circa 1945 (Lois Fisher was born in 1944)
Ernie Fisher, Ned Daly?, John Fisher, Ida Fisher (Geddes) (with Lois
Fisher ) Maria, Jennie (Porter) ? Harry Geddes?  William
Front Clarence Fisher, Marion Fisher, Lloyd Fisher, William (Willie) Fisher
Sorry, I don't have the dogs name.
They had nine children;
William Duncan,
Ellen Mildred"Nellie",
John Arthur,
Howard James,
Iva May,
Marion Evelyn,
Harold Lewis,
Herbert Leach(Grandpa)

William, Maria and Family
c 1941 - Lloyd Fisher was born in 1942 and is not in the picture.
From lower right
1st row - Howard, Ernie, Herb, Lawrence Fisher, Willie Fisher, Clarence
Fisher, Marion Fisher
2nd row children from left - Glenn Fisher , Dorothy Fisher, Evelyn Fisher
3rd row from right - John, Ernie Smith, Bessie (Brownlee), Ned Daley?, Iva
Fisher , Marion? Nellie, Laura (Graham)?, Ida (Geddes) Harold Fisher,
Eveline (Montgomery)?, Gerald Fisher? (with Maria), Maria, William


I think this is a photo of Grandpa, his father and brothers
That is definately Grandpa in uniform beside his father with John in the hat behind him
I can't identify the others, a little help please

From left -John Fisher, Ida Fisher (Geddes)
Front - William Fisher (Willie), Clarence Fisher, Marion Fisher
 Lloyd Fisher in Ida's arms
Taken at Henry Porter's farm, Maria's brother,
bordered William and Maria's farm on the east side

Another brother or sister?

From right William, ?, Maria, Nellie Smith (Fisher) , Ida Fisher(Geddes)
behind and to the left of Nellie.,
Evelyn Fisher (Brownlee), Iva behind Evelyn Fisher
John and Harold, Laura (Graham) in the rear
Ernie Smith behind Maria, Ernie Fisher, behind Nellie and partially blocked,
Unknown behind Ernie Smith, maybe Herb (looks like a military hat)
Eveline (Montgomery) Fisher in front, child may be Gerry Fisher Duncan's

Grandpa in uniform, before he met Beatrice
He had a problem with his leg so never saw combat,
we all might not be here otherwise

Grandpa as a young man with an unidentified person beside him

Grandpa riding
There were always horses at the farm and a lot of us ride
Grandpa carted us all over the countryside to various horse shows,
and Grandma always made sure we were well fed LOL

Grandpa also drove and had quite a collection of buggies

This is a picture of him and the carriage he drove for my aunt Karen Craig's wedding.
That's Butch standing beside him I think

Grandpa's prize winning Arabian stallion Wiregrass Gabriel
It was Hackney ponies when I was a little kid and Arabians later
The ponies went to us, Deb had Lindalee, Beauty and an old workhorse Queen
Sherry got Top Sale King Adore "Leroy"
We called him topsoil to make Sherry mad LMAO

 Grandpa was also a dairy farmer and this is his Holstein bull Magician
That's my uncle Bob on his back
I remember that massive animal, we were terrified of him as children

Grandpa was also an avid hunter but I don't have any pictures except this one

If you look closely, there is a bear head in Grandpa's lap
They shot it moose hunting one year and the rug was in the living room for years when I was little
Grandpa always had hunting hounds and raised pheasants to hunt as well.

The farm he and my grandmother retired to
No more milking, just some horses and dogs to keep him occupied.

     There are lots more photos out there, I just don't have them, yet. Please pass along your favourites and I'll post them for all of us. To all of the Fishers, Porters et al out there, if you would like to contact me directly, click on my profile on the right, About Me. It will take you to an email link. Alternatively, you can leave me your email address in the comment section. I will repost the comments with the email address removed.. However you decide, it is always good to touch base with the family.


  1. oh wow...I'm getting misty looking at the pics of Grandpa and the horses. I know there is a photo out there somewhere of he and I in the buggy...Gabe pulling. wish I could find it. Just love this page.

  2. So many memories that we all share, hopefully now the family "gets" what I'm trying to do, that the blog is about our family not just the food we eat LOL. Pass along those pics, I'll be happy to post them.

  3. I got to ride in one of grandpa's carriages in my wedding...thanks to Brad and was so amazing. I cried as soon as I sat in it. It was so speacial to have him take part in my wedding without him here. It was very special to share that part of him with my new husband. one of my favourite memories is all the horse and buggy rides over the years. I will send you a great picture of it Paul.

  4. Paul, I can identify the people in some of the photos. I have copies of several. My grandfather was John Arthur Fisher. I also have some other photos you may be of interest to you.

    Bob Moore

  5. That is fantastic, thanks Bob. And timely too, I've got the Fisher history almost ready to post. Please email me, click on my profle link, About Me, on the side and email me from there. I look forward to hearing from you Take care Paul


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