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Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

 Herbert Leach Fisher and Beatrice Sadler Fisher
My grandparents on my mother's side
Married December 16, 1942

Here they are again, 50 years and eleven children later
I'm not even going to try and name everyone, it will take the rest of the page

All of us again at the Fisher reunion
If you look at the picture full size(just click on it)
You can see Sheryl and Kevin just turning away from the camera, probably rescuing Riley LOL

A very early aerial shot of the home farm

There they are, all eleven children, late 70's maybe early 80's
Back row: Herbert(Butch), Leonard and Gordon
Middle row: Deb, Barb, Rita, Marlyn, Jean and my mom, Joan
Front row: Bob, Grandma, Grandpa and Susan

Everyone again a few years later, 1992
These are the only two pictures I could find of all the Fisher's just as a family.

Grandma with all the girls
Back row: Rita, Jean, Joan(still my mom), Susan and Deb
Front row: Marlyn, Grandma and Barb

Grandpa with the boys
Leonard, Butch, Bob, Gordon and Grandpa
All of us saw that finger, usually minus the grin LOL

Next is a series of pictures of the girls,
Jean, Joan, Rita and Susan

They seem to have posed for pictures at the drop of a hat.
There are lots of them (and I love them all) but what happened to your brothers?

Jean, Rita,Joan and Marlyn down in front
I so remember those zipper front overalls, everyone had them, preferably in corduroy

Back: Susan, Deb, Joan and Jean
Front: Barb, Rita and Marlyn
Jean, Grandma, Deb, Rita and Joan
Jean, Marlyn, Susan, Deb, Barb, Rita and Joan with Grandma

Don't mess with the Fisher girls, Deb will .....
Marlyn, Jean, Deb, Joan and Barb at Deb's KPF service awards
Deb is one of three police officers in the family so....................

Now for some grandchildren. As with the Craigs, there are a lot of us with more popping up all the time. I apologize in advance if I omit someone, spell your name wrong or mis-identify you in a picture.

Mom, Dad and I
We were just too slick for words

Leo, Jean and Adam (he's such a ham)

Barb and Sherry
This picture is adorable

Rita and Leslie

Leonard and Judy with their three, Emily, Rebecca and Ian

Gordon and Sue with Melanie, Carly and Megan

Bob's daughter Sheryl with her husband Kevin

Bob's daughter Kathleen

Marlyn's daughter Wendy

Marlyn and her son Wayne

Butch's daughters Sara and Chrystal with my other cousin Kriket

Butch's son Wesley, Rebecca and their daughter Alyssa
They are expecting their second soon.

There are a bunch of great grandchildren as well.
Here are Leslie's three, Colby, Zoey and Alaina

Kathleen's two, Brittany and Matt

Sheryl's two, Riley and Nathan

Wendy's daughter Harley

Adam's two, Katie and Curtis

Carly, with Matt and their daughter Ashley

Wesley's daughter Alyssa
Wayne's son Adam, definately Wayne's son LOL
This is the only picture I have of Adam

Butch's daughter Chrystal and Jimmy

The first picture of Chrystal's new baby "Peanut", incredible

Here's Peanut now( and a very close up picture of Jimmy)
Meah Leslie Anne Heffren
Born at 2:22am April 5, 2011, is 19.5" long, and is a whopping 7lbs 11oz

Meah, ready for her close up
Meah and her aunt Sarah
Wesley and Rebecca's new daughter
Hana Anne Elizabeth
March 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm
Hana with the proud Grandmother, my aunt Deb.

Hana with her aunt Sarah

Now just some random shots of us

Adam and Leslie

Me, Sherry, Adam and Leslie
Carly and Melanie

Back row: Leonard, Butch, Jean and Susan
Front : Eric (my dad), Debbie, Sherry, me and Gordon

Me, Wayne and Sherry with Donny at their (Marlyn and Donny's) cottage

Bush league hockey on the flooded beaver meadow at the home farm (Grandpa had four farms)
It's all fun and games 'til first blood, then it's a sport LOL

Debbie, Leonard and Wendy in the back
Wayne, Kathleen, Leslie, Adam and I in the front

Grandma with Harley, Rebecca and Melanie

The same three with Grandpa 

Riley, ya gotta love that face

Grandpa and Grandma with Marlyn in between

Rita and I dancing
That is my aunt Marilyn Craig on the side and Grandma Craig on the couch

Grandma and Grandpa again

Rita, Leonard, Wayne, Sherry and I at Marlyn and Donny's cottage on Christie Lake 

One of my favourite Fisher family pictures, 1955
All the children from Bob up to Marlyn
The original is tiny and I asked my mother who this was
Scanned you can pick them all out easily, too cute
Still don't know who the woman in the photo is or where it was taken
Bob and most likely David Sadler up front
Rita, Jean, Joan, Barb and Marlyn in the back, priceless
As with all the pictures click on it to see full size

One final picture of Grandma and Grandpa together
These are the two who are the start of all of us.
I miss you both.

     Feel free to pass on your favourite photos of Grandma and Grandpa and I'll post them. I will continue to update the family info on this page, new arrivals etc. For all of the extended family, if you would like to contact me directly, click on my profile on the right, About Me. It will take you to an email link. You can always leave your email address for me in the comment section. I will repost them with the address removed.
Look forward to hearing from you, Paul.


  1. I really do enjoy reminiscing about the most amazing childhood! I am most proud of our ever expanding family.
    I miss Grandpa and Grandma Sooooooooo much, and can still here Grandpa asking, "Where's my little girl?", with a smile on his face and arms stretched out waiting for his hug. I wish I could just have one more from them!

  2. Oh no you didn't.....the matching overall pic...why oh why didn't I burn it when I had the chance. LMAO.
    Seriously though, this is a great tribute to our great family! So many people are surprised when I talk about childhood and the sounds so perfect to them...but we probably weren't aware back then. And they really cannot believe that we all get together at Christmas still. its only later in life that we realize how truly blessed we are.

  3. People always think I'm exagerating when I talk about my large, close family. I grew up with most of my youngest aunts, uncles and cousins more like siblings. They just don't understand. Now at least I have some proof LOL I can't imagine it any other way.

  4. Hey Paul,
    This is an amazing site!!! So awesome to look back on all of the many dad without a beard for instance, something I have NEVER seen with my own eyes!! Grandma and Grandpa would be very proud, as am I to be part of such a great family...growing by the second!!!

  5. Hey Paul great work on this page. I will try to gather up some more photos for you. My Mom spells her name Marlyn...No I in her name...seems appropriate for her as she is always doing for others. Lov ya

  6. I'm so sorry, I can't believe I didn't know that. I'll correct that as soon as I can. Mom caught a couple of mistakes too. That's what the edit button is for LOL


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