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Grandma and Grandpa Craig

My Grandparents on my father's side in 1965
Evon Craig and Muriel Lumsden Craig

An aeriel photo of the farm where they live

The farmhouse where I spent a lot of time as a kid
It didn't look quite like that when I was little

Their wedding photo
My grandmother's brother Harold, Evon, Muriel and Grandpa's sister Ruth

They were married at their home, this is the arch where it took place
This is the first of three places I know of that Grandma and Grandpa lived

The wedding cake

A wedding anniversary, a few years and eleven children later

Early 70's, the whole family
Back row: Jimmy, Leo, Eric (my father), Donna, Jean, Janice, Roy and Doug
Front row: Debbie, Grandpa, Grandma, Marilyn and Karen

There they all are again
The Craig's are great for full family pictures
There are two others I like, one from the late 60's and another from the 80's or 90's.
Unfortunately I couldn't get them out of the albums without damaging the pictures
If anyone has either, I would love a copy

Here they are again in the '80s or '90s, now I just need the one from the '60s Back row: Doug, Marilyn, Jimmy, Donna, Leo, Janice, Roy, Debbie and Eric
Front: Jean, Grandpa, Grandma and Karen

Roy and my dad, Eric at the second house my grandparents had
A guy was travelling around with that pony taking pictures for people

All the Craig boys, so much trouble packed into one photo
Doug, Eric, Roy, Leo and Jimmy

Me and the Craig girls, in 1965
Debbie, Donna, Janice, Marilyn holding me and Karen
I was the first of many grandchildren to come

The grandchildren, there isn't a picture that I have seen that has all of us together so...
Back row: Rodney, Robbie and Jeff
Front row: Kelly, Todd, Jamie and Adam
Darren and I are absent

The younger grandchildren
Back row: Jenny, Jason, Mindy, Chrystal, Pam
Front row: Kriket, David, Wesley, Christopher and Sarah
Matt, Marsh, Mitch, Woody, Dean, April and Jesse are missing,
I can't find the picture of Jesse I had, I'm sure Janice will correct that

This is Debbie's son Wesley, Rebecca and their little girl Alyssa.
This is the only picture I have of Wes.

Grandma, Darren and Donna in Grandma's kitchen

Roy, Grandma and the little bundle is April

Marilyn's boys as boys, Woody and Dean

Karen's three as boys, Matt, Marshall and Mitch

Mom, Dad and I
I think that covers all the grandchildren
This is also a picture of the first of three Craig-Fisher unions

This picture of Jamie, Adam and Kelly was too cute to pass up.

As was this one of Mindy, Jason, Jenny and Chrystal

Now for the great grandchildren, and there are a bunch, twenty one with three more on the way.
 I don't have pictures for all of them and in a couple of cases I don't know their names either so help me out here and fill in the missing pieces. 
In my defense, there are so many of us and I don't live in the area so.....there are a few I have never met, and a bunch I have only seen as babies.
I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes on the names or mis-identified children

Adam with Curtis and Katie.
This picture makes me laugh, Adam looks like he's wondering
"What have I done?" LOL
A more recent picture of Adam's two, Curtis and Katie

Jenny's three girls
Lindsay, Holly and Emily

Kriket's three girls tearing into one of my gingerbread houses this Christmas
Kendall, Piper and Maeve

Jeff's wife Heather and their little girl Madison

Chris, his wife Krista and their little girl Alicia
a close up of Alicia, too cute

Austin William James Craig
Born at 6:58 pm April 11, 2011 6 lbs 1 oz ( two weeks early)
The radiant new Mom,
Krista and Austin

Proud Pappa,
Chris and Austin

Austin with big sister Alicia

The proud grandparents,
My uncle Jimmy and his wife Heather

 One final shot with his Aunt April

Jason with his son Devin

Ya gotta love that face

Deseree and Devin

Todd and Nicole's two boys, Collin and Jacob

Don't let those sweet faces fool you
Collin and Jacob are Craig boys through and through LOL

Darren, his wife Amanda and their little girl Ripley
They have two girls Ripley and Zoey
One of Darren's daughters, Zoey

This is Ripley now
I love this picture of Rodney and his son Theran
I don't have a picture of Kade
He and his wife Samantha are expecting their third

Rodney and Samantha's new baby boy
Ryler Jax Dowdall
January16, 2011
The whole family
Rodney, Ryler, Theran, Samantha and Kade
Finally a picture of Kade LOL
Wesley's daughter Alyssa
Robbie's son Cadence
Robbie's daughter Dawson 

Who's missing from the great grandchildren?
Jamie's son Zachary
Robbie's children, Landon and Mason
Kellys two boys Cody and Mike
Debbie's daughter Chrystal and Jimmy

The first picture of "Peanut" Chrystal's baby, amazing

Here's Peanut now( and a very close up picture of Jimmy)
Meah Leslie Anne Heffren
Born at 2:22am April 5, 2011, is 19.5" long, and is a whopping 7lbs 11oz
A close up of Meah
Meah and her aunt Sarah

Wesley and Rebecca's daughter 
Hana Anne Elizabeth Fisher
March 7, 2011 at 3:58 pm

The proud grandmother, Deb holding Hana
Hana and her aunt Sarah

One final picture of the two that started all of this
Evon and Muriel
(feels a little weird to call them by their given names, they'll always be Grandma and Grandpa to me)

 These are the pictures I had access to. Please feel free to pass on your favourite pictures and I'll get them up as quickly as I can. I will continue to update the family here, new arrivals etc. For all of the extended family, feel free to contact me to share stories, pictures, whatever. Click on my profile on the right, About me. It will take you to my email link. You can also leave your email address in the comment section for me to contact you. I will repost and remove all email addresses unless you wish otherwise. look forward to hearing from the "cousins". Thanks for dropping by, Paul.

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