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Muriel Lumsden Craig

     Here is the page for my grandmother, Muriel Lumsden Craig.
Hopefully I got everything right between scanning and identifying all the pictures.

This is a picture of Grandma as a girl with her parents, Bessie and Allen Lumsden at the 12th of July.
Allen is the gentleman wearing the hat.
I don't know who all of the others are in the picture.

Bessie Irene Wood Lumsden and Allen Barr Lumsden
Grandma's mother and father

Bessie and Allen again, Grandma remembers her father using the carriage to do the mail run

Bessie and Allen again

This is a picture of Grandma's mother Bessie's parents,
Lena Steward Wood and Burt Wood
I don't know who the girl is and I'm not sure who the man beside Bessie is either.
Grandma's grandfather, John Lumsden, Allen's father
He was born January 23rd, 1863.
He married Sarah Maria Barr (1866- before1900)
I don't have a picture with Sarah.

John Lumsden again

I found this picture on line while looking up family history
It is Mary Jane Lumsden Riggs (1826-1906) and her daughter Ida
She is Grandma's great, great great aunt.
The daughter of John Lumsden ( there are three in the family tree) and Frances Allen

Shirley, Muriel, Phyllis and Lois
Grandma and her sisters

I don't have a full family photo but she is one of nine children;
Harold, Muriel, Burt, Bob, Lois, Carmen, Shirley, Lloyd and Phyllis.

Muriel, brother Harold and his wife Mary
This is a tiny, very damaged photo, but scanning it brought out a lot of detail

Harold, grandma's brother again, his wife Mary and grandma's sister Lois

Grandma with all her daughters
Debbie, Donna, Janice, Jean, Grandma, Karen and Marilyn

A nice picture of Grandma and Marilyn

Three generations, Grandma(Muriel), Donna and Great Grandma Lumsden(Bessie)

More cows, you can't get away from them on the farm

Or the geese. They would hiss at us when we were kids, miserable things LOL

Grandma has always gardened and still keeps a pretty big one behind the house.
The acre potato patch isn't planted any more, no more eleven kids to feed.

The garden is smaller these days with more flowers in it than when I was younger.

Lots of flower beds, keep Grandma busy all summer

Not really one for the roller derby or wrestling, The Price is Right is Grandma's show.
I remember watching it as a kid and they're still watching it today.

A few solo shots of Grandma just to finish things off

Looking at pictures

Looking spiffy for her birthday, my dad is in the background.

     These are the pictures I had for Grandma and her family. If you have others you would like to share, please feel free to pass them along and I will post them. For all of the Lumsden or Wood relatives, Feel free to contact me. Click on my profile on the right, About me. It will take you to an email link. You can also leave you email address in the comment section for me to contact you. I will repost the comment with the address removed. It's always good to hear from family. thanks for dropping by, Paul

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