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Evon Craig

     This page is for my grandfather, Evon " Bus" Craig.
I have no idea where "Bus" came from but that's what everyone calls him,
hopefully someone can share the story.
Grandpa's parents, Eva Belle Dowsett Craig and John Craig in 1961
They were married July 29, 1919 and had eleven children

Eva's family was associated with Dowsett Boatworks from Portland
This is a picture of one of their boats

A portrait of Eva's family, the Dowsett's, in the early 20's
back row - Philip, Samuel (Sonny), James, Elmer
 mid row  - Mabel, John (Jack), Annie Gallagher(mother), Albert, Burton
front row  - Ethel, Eva, Elva
Eva's father died in 1909 while felling a tree so is absent

Grandpa's father's parents, Catherine Phillips Craig and John Craig
They were married February 13, 1884 and had ten children

John and Catherine's family, the Craigs around 1914-19
back row - Charles, Florence, Gertrude, Lila, Gordon
mid row  -  John (father), Hester, Catherine (mother)
 front row  -  Jessie, Lillian
missing - Samuel (oldest) and John, Grandpa's father (in England/France??)

John Craig, Grandpa's father, in his WW I uniform

Eva Belle Dowsett, Grandpa's mother at about age 13
The story is her brother Samuel (Sonny) carried this picture of his youngest sister with him always.
He and John Craig would have trained at the same place during WWI
This picture is thought to be the introduction between John and Eva.

     I don't have a picture, but Grandpa is one of eleven children;

Thelma Kathleen 1920-2005,
Evon Milford 1921-,
Ruth Isabel 1922-2004,
Arthur John 1925 2001,
Clifford Gordon 1926-2009,

Marian Eileen 1931-,
Eva Gwendolyn 1932-,
Allen Havington 1935-2003 
Gary Milton 1937-,
Terrance James 1939-
Bonnie Elizabeth 1941-.
Arthur, Evon and Clifford in the late 30's early 40's
Boys on the farm
Arthur, John, Grandpa's father and Evon in the 50's
They trapped muskrat and/or mink
Here they are with the skins stretched for drying

Grandpa in his Sunday best
I'm not sure of the time frame for this one

I'd like to thank Susan Hull. She has provided so many photographs and supplied a lot of family history.
I wouldn't have many of these pictures or connections without her hard work tracing the family.

Another picture of where Grandpa and Grandma live

Like many of my relatives, he likes to hunt.
Here is a picture of him and Doug from 1987

and another with Doug and I don't know the other person

Four generations of hunters
Grandpa Craig, his son Doug, Doug's son Todd and Todd's sons Collin and Jacob

The cattle, when I was little it was dairy cows.
I can remember him milking by hand when I was really young. It's a lot harder than it looks.
Later, the herd was beef cattle.

One of many, Grandpa's dog Buster
He always has a dog in the truck with him.

Grandpa loved watching the roller derby, I can remember watching it with him as a kid

"Skinny Minnie" Miller was a favourite

Wrestling was another thing we watched when I was little.
I remember watching Andre the Giant.
It ws as much fun watching my grandfather's reactions as it was the wrestling.

Grandpa on his 65th birthday

     That's all for now, I'll have to fill in the rest later  Feel free to pass on any photos of Grandpa Craig and his family and I'll post them, either here or on the Craig s from Lanarkshire page, maybe both LOL. For all the extended Craig family, feel free to contact me directly. Click on my profile on the right, About Me. It will take you to my email link. You can always leave your email address for me in the comment section, I'll repost it with the address removed. Look forward to hearing from you, I know there are lots of us out there. Take care Paul.


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