Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture posts update

     The response to the picture posts has been amazing. Thank you all for the comments, emails and facebook responses. I have a lot more pictures, but I'm going to wait to add them to the individual pages I want everyone to have. If I go in order, it should be a page for Marlyn Fisher Jackson and Roy Craig. The firstborn on each side of the family. I don't have enough pictures of either to start pages so I'm going to leave it open for now. If you want your page started, email me the pictures and add any captions you'd like me to include. If I get my wish, and I can be very determined sometimes LOL, there will be over a hundred pages of pictures with thousands of pictures to look through. What a celebration of our family.

    Speaking of family, thanks to Susan Hull and others I don't yet have permission to name, I have amassed quite a lot of family history and pictures. So much material has come to light I'm going to do posts on the four family lines of mine, the Craigs, Fishers, Lumsdens and the Sadlers. If there is anybody the family knows who has information on the lines please get them to contact me, especially the Fishers and Sadlers. I have good starts with both but could use some help.

     I have updated the posts for both sets of grandparents and will continue to do so as I get pictures so check them occasionally to see what's new. This month I have added Chrystal's, Rodney's and Grandpa Craig's  pictures and a couple of new ones on my page as well.

     Now back to the recipe pages for a bit, butterscotch pie form Gladys. Thanks for dropping by.

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