Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday sparkle; Champagne cocktails

     The holidays aren't complete with out a little sparkle.Whether it's champagne or sparkling cider, who can resist the allure of those millions of tiny bubbles.

     The champagne toast at midnight on NewYear's eve isn't the only time you can enjoy a glass. Here are some recipes to help your entertaining sparkle all through the holidays.

Classic Brunch Mimosa/ Morning Glory/ Orange Blossom/ Orange Kiss*

3 oz champagne
3 oz orange juice
Garnish with orange wheel

Kir Royale**

1 oz cassis
5 oz champagne

Classic Bellini

1/2 oz peach schnapps
3 oz champagne
2 1/2 oz peach nectar

Classic Champagne Cocktail

1 oz brandy
1 sugar cube
Dash of bitters
5 oz champagne
Place sugar cube in bottom of champagne flute
Add bitters, wetting sugar cube
Add brandy
Fill with champagne
Garnish with cherry and orange wheel
* You can add what ever juice you like to the mimosa recipe but it isn't a mimosa anymore, cranberry or pomegranate garnished with a fresh cranberry, pear nectar garnished with a slice of fresh Bosc pear, blueberry cocktail garnished with fresh blueberries, I'm sure you get the idea
You can also try the champagne version of a Salty Dog, champagne, grapefruit juice, a salted rim and a wheel of grapefruit for garnish, you'll love it or hate it, I don't judge LOL
If you don't drink, use sparkling cider for a non alcoholic sparkler.
** Switch the Cassis, black currant liqueur, with Chambord, raspberry liqueur, and garnish with fresh raspberries, delicious
     As with cooking with wine, I don't use good champagne to make cocktails with. Save the Dom, Veuve Cliquot, Cristal, Krug etc for drinking straight, savour what makes champagne great from these great names unaltered. The taste of the juice or additional alcohol mask all of the subtle flavours in good champagne so why waste it?

     For maximum fizz, add the champagne last and just before serving. Don't pop you champagne either. Twist the cork gently to open the bottle, you save the fizz and don't waste the champagne in overflow. No hazardous flying corks either. You'll put some one's eye out with that thing.......

     There you have it, my guide to adding the sparkle to your holidays. ( and you thought it was about shining ornaments, twinkling lights or some such nonsense LOL) Enjoy.

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