Friday, December 3, 2010

Cookbook update

     I have a couple of things to add to the cook book post. As I mentioned earlier, I am what is referred to as a tactile learner. The kind of person who needs to do to understand and remember. That is why I like the books I like, they give very detailed instructions about everything that I can follow to help me get it right.

     If you are a visual learner, books with lots of pictures are what you need. If you are a rote learner, who can read and recall easily, well good for you and I hate you, any cookbook will suffice. LOL

     Here are three books I recommend taking a look at, all for different reasons, and no I'm not getting anything for recommending them.

     The first is. "I like you, Hospitality under the Influence", by  Amy Sedaris. She is a comedian and the book is hilarious. I haven't actually looked at the recipes, I was too busy laughing and who can't use a good laugh.

     The second is " The Complete Food Allergy Cookbook", by Marilyn Gioannini. It is a good book to have if you have friends or family that have food allergies and you want to try and include things they can eat when you entertain. I have a few friends with severe allergies and it is always a challenge to find things you can prepare.

     The last is " A Year in Lucy's Kitchen", by Lucy Waverman. It is a year of seasonal cooking and I love her approach and philosophy of cooking.

     The first two books have been out a while so you can find them at second hand shops or get them at reduced prices. Lucy Waverman's book is new but definitely worth a look. I constantly look at cookbooks when I'm at the bookstore and will keep you updated when or if I see something I think is of interest. Thanks for stopping by.

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