Friday, December 17, 2010

Dealing with left overs; Big Sur Sandwich

     So it is the day after, your stock is simmering away and you are wondering what to do with the left overs. Mine normally disappears in hot turkey sandwiches but I do have a couple of other great recipes to help deal with any leftovers you might have.

     If I have enough of everything and extra pie dough I make pot pies. It uses it all, extra potatoes, vegetables, gravy and turkey. I also make Torta Rustica sometimes but I digress. Sorry, I'm not posting either of those.

     This is a grilled turkey sandwich, the Big Sur, that is a great alternative to the classic hot turkey. I first had these at a restaurant I worked at called Hughie's. It is sometimes called a California Reuben.

Part of the Hughies crew, Annie, Neil, Wendy and me

More of the crew, Danny, Sharon, Sophie, Ian, Ron and Neil

Big Sur sandwich
Sliced turkey
Cranberry sauce
Swiss cheese
Rye bread
Thousand Island dressing
Butter or margarine for frying
Assemble sandwich, turkey, Swiss cheese and approximately a tablespoon of Thousand Island dressing and cranberry sauce. Butter the outside of the sandwich and grill as you would for a grilled cheese.

     Use what ever type of bread you like. I love rye and the taste works well with all of the other ingredients.

     Delicious and easy to make, perfect after you have been hard at work in the kitchen over the holidays.

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