Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where I'm from...

    Today, I took the day off. There were a million things I should have done but I took a "me" day. I laid in bed reading, practiced taking some photos and caught up on my online reading, basically just indulged in what I felt like doing not what I should be doing. I'm sure the kitchen will paint itself before Thanksgiving dinner.

     I checked in on my cousin's blog and read this poem, "Where I'm from.." The original poem is by George Ella Lyon and can be found here. It has taken on a life of it's own and is used as a writing prompt the world over. I'm not much of a poet but there was something in it that spoke to me and it does fit in nicely with the family theme of the blog so here is my attempt.

Where I'm From

I am from Mason jars, Hoof Black and hayfields.
I am from the old clapboard house, re-invented, enduring, where green is a smell.
I am from Sugar maples, trilliums and wide open fields, the blackberries, Spring Beauties and beaver meadows.
I am from holiday gatherings and brown eyes, from Joan Elaine, Sherry Anne and Craig.
I am from the fiery tempers and brilliant smiles.
From " Heels down, chest out " to " Don't track that through the house!"
I am from off key voices raised in praise, quiet strength and hands held to say Grace.
I am from the"Valley", "G'day", the Scottish highlands, the Emerald Isle, mincemeat and butterscotch pie.
I am from Leo who's horse put it's head through a door, the laughter afterward, from the days catching shiners in the "crick".
I am from wooden chests, tattered shoe boxes, and spiral albums, from Facebook pages and USB keys.
From my father's laugh and my mother's tears, my grandmother's smile and uncle's ire.
I am

      I guess what I really liked about the poem was that each one of us will have a different one. My memories of the same relatives will be unlike any others, we all see the world in our own way. It is also hard to capture all of your memories in one little poem, I'm sure mine would be different depending on the mood I was in while writing it. I'd love to hand this out at a family gathering and read what everyone wrote. The template for the writing exercise is here.

     Where are you from?


  1. love it.
    darn - need kleenex.

    although, I noticed neither of us said anything about cleaning stalls or tack :)

  2. Thanks RoryBore, funny that you mention cleaning tack, I was trying to remember what the name of the saddle soap was for the Brand name. All I could remember was Silvo for cleaning the silver parts. I also couldn't figure out a poetic way to include shovelling crap ROFL


Thanks for your comment, I hope you enjoyed your time in the "Kitchen".