Saturday, October 1, 2011

February Blahs, really??

     February in Canada is not is not the most pleasant month. It's cold, wet and dreary. Piles of snow, short hours of daylight, only Valentine's Day to look forward to (which is potentially the most depressing holiday ever created, but I do like the chocolate). How do we survive? What breaks the tedium, how do we beat those midwinter doldrums?? The following list may give some insight. wink, wink, nudge, nudge

    My last post mentioned birthdays on my mind and if you've followed along on the blog you've heard me mention my large extended family. This is why, one month, mainly one side of the family.

    My aunt "Leenie" is one of those people you go to when you want to know something about the current family, and I'm talking about the Craig side of things here. She keeps records, newspaper clippings etc of all the births, marriages and other goings on. A treasure trove of information for people like me.

     This summer I got the birthday list from her, again this is just for the Craig side, blood relatives and people married into the family. As I was looking through the information lately, placing who with who, I came to October and here is my list of relatives celebrating birthdays this coming month. ( I may even have them in the right order)

James "Jimmy" Craig - uncle
Kelly Craig - cousin
Jean Craig Dowdall - aunt
Jean Fisher Craig - aunt
Katie Craig- cousin
Curtis Craig- cousin
Alicia Craig - cousin
Kade Dowdall - cousin
Mark Hanewich- uncle
Evon Craig- grandfather, celebrating his 90th this year
Micheal Masters - cousin
Gladys Moulton Craig - aunt
Pat St. Jean - uncle
Sarah Fisher- cousin
Christina Craig Wallace aka Kriket - cousin
Robin "Robbie " Craig- cousin

     So there are the Craigs, my father's family and in-laws, and I'm not 100% sure that is all of us. Leenie did say there was a bunch of stuff to go through to update the list, maybe we could go through it together and get it done sometime soon. Okay, I'll try but I'm still working through the Lumsden information you gave me this summer too.

     I don't have anywhere near a complete listing for the Fisher side of things yet, my mother's family, but there is some overlap with Jean, Katie, Curtis and Sarah. I do know that there are at least two other Fisher birthdays (born on the same day if memory serves)

Susan Fisher Grant - aunt
Leonard Fisher - uncle

     So there it is, 18 birthdays for my aunts, uncles, first cousins and their children. These are just the ones I know about. I couldn't even begin to expand this out to the Lumsdens, Sadlers, Porters, Woods, my Grandmother's Craig family or the Leachs. I think we should all buy stock in Hallmark.

     Happy birthday everyone.

     That's how we stay warm in February in the Great White North. ROFL


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