Saturday, October 15, 2011

When Good Tech Goes Bad

     Technology can be a great thing. I love every new toy, gadget and app. I'm a mix of traditionalist and futurist. I like the tested and true but willingly embrace everything the age of the WWW has provided. Some times, it all goes horribly wrong.

     I'd be lost with out spell check, rely heavily on Grammar Girl and Google everything. I rarely use my phone (land line) relying on email and Facebook to keep me connected. There are still a few bumps along the information highway.

   Auto translate is a little twitchy, any translation matrix is doomed to provide some hilarious results. Direct word for word never works. Too much of language is determined by context.

     The big bump is auto fill/auto correct, and I guess I'm not alone. My friend Rauri corrects to ruminator, my cousin Carly to Curly, I've turned mine off on the computer. It sounds like it should work, save time and effort but some how I'm pretty sure the following texts are not what was intended. These were emailed to me by a co worker and provided some true ROFLMAO. You may have already seen these, but they still make me laugh. Every time.

      If you've recovered and still need a few more chuckles, click here. There are 876 pages more.

      Have you ever been a victim of good tech gone bad?


  1. OMG...I'm dying, and Chris is not far behind. Seriously, I could spend hours on this site.... but as for my own phone - autocorrect is off.

  2. These are too funny!! I have autocorrect on my phone and everytime I type a friend's name, "Luna" it autocorrects to "Lunatic". I probably should turn it off before I lose a friend.

  3. I can't read these with out laughing and the site has hundreds. If ever you're feeling down.
    Like I need any help putting my foot in my mouth, mine stays off.
    I gotta get me a friend named Luna, I love that one


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