Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giving Thanks

     Tuesday has come again and it's time for my cousin's Coffee Chat. Giving thanks is this week's topic, very appropriate seeing as how our Thanksgiving holiday was yesterday here in the Great White North. I had an amazing one, you can read about it here.

  Giving thanks, sounds easy enough. There are lots of things to be thankful for. There are the grand sweeping, family, friends, good health, prosperity and general all round well being, that was going to be what this post was about. Somehow, everything I started just came out sounding kind of trite and cliche. That got me thinking, what am I truly thankful for.

     The big ones are easy, and I guess part of the reason it seems a little insincere repeating them is because they are expected, from everyone by everyone. There are hundreds and thousands of dedicated posts out there. I am thankful for all those things and I'm sure I don't say it often enough but here is what I would really like to give thanks for today because I never acknowledge these ones.

        Thank you to the person who makes me smile or even better, makes me laugh. Whether it is the funny blog post, hilarious video on Youtube or the joke you told me, it lightens my day and and can make a crappy day disappear, or at least put it in perspective.

     To the person who didn't let the door slam in my face, thank you. First for avoiding injury on my part and secondly for taking that extra second or two, for me, a complete stranger. You restore my faith that maybe we aren't so bad after all.

    Thank you for not texting, tweeting or checking your cel phone while we are talking. I appreciate your undivided attention, letting me know that I am important to you, not just while you're waiting for a better offer.

    For letting me bitch, rant and whine, you have my heartfelt thanks. I know it isn't any fun to listen to but sometimes I really do just need to vent.

     Explain that just one more time. Thank you for not making me feel stupid and having the patience to deal with me when I'm distracted.

     Thank you for not: stopping at the top of the escalator when I am behind you, cutting me off so you can get that whole car length ahead, signalling left then turning right, blocking the doors on public transit, stepping on my feet, hitting me with your bag or umbrella, smashing my ankles with your rolling tote or any of the million and one things that tell me, you are the center of the universe, I do not exist or take up space and my comfort or well being is of no concern to you what so ever .

     When I'm being irrational or in the wrong, thanks for being on my side anyway. I'll come around eventually but thanks for the support in the interim.

     Thank you for telling me when I'm being an ass. We all need a reality check now and then. I do appreciate the honesty, even though the effect might not be immediate.

     Finally, thank you for saying thank you when I do something nice for you, hold a door, help you with your bags or stroller, pick up what you dropped or run after you with whatever you have just forgotten to take with you. A little bit of appreciation goes a very long way.

     Conversely, thank you for saying sorry when you have; spilled coffee on me, stepped on my feet, knocked what I was carrying out of my arms, vigorously swung your arms while walking ensuring I'll never be able to reproduce or speak under a falsetto register. Acknowledging you have inconvenienced me (or caused me injury) also goes a long way.

     As we go through each day, we interact with dozens, sometimes thousands of other people. How we act, and interact, with each other can have a profound affect. Taking an extra second or two to ensure you aren't making anyone else's day just that little bit harder, is that really so much to ask? Life can be hard all on it's own, why make it any less pleasant.

     To all those who treat me with some respect, acknowledge my presence, make eye contact  and just show some plain old fashioned courtesy, thank you. I'll do my best to return the favour. 


  1. in a nutshell: Perfection!

    Think it will fit on a tshirt? cuz everyone needs to read this.

    Thank You for taking time to join the chat!

  2. It might fit on mine, we'll have to paraphase for everyone else LOL
    Love chatting along with you

  3. Wow. Such a great take on giving thanks! I loved that you wrote about the simple courtesies in life to be thankful for because, really, in this day and age, lots of people take these things for granted. Great one Paul! :)

  4. Thanks Germaine, its always the little details that make a difference


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