Monday, February 18, 2013


     Our task this week from Wendy, 10 tiny (or secret) things that bring you joy. The first one is easy, Listicles brings me joy. Last week had me holding my stomach, laughing out loud, joyful. Maybe not tiny, or secret but....

     Valentine's Day ended up as a bit of a bust. What romantic escapades did I get up to? I installed a new toilet. Maybe not splitting the atom, but it brought me joy as well.
2 I did something I had never done and it worked. Basking in the glow of accomplishment.
3 Not shelling out for an enormous water bill means Italy is one step closer.
4 I got to use the line, " A new throne for my queen." I was killing myself laughing, my other half not so much. No sense of humour.

     I went home to my parents this weekend. It's lambing season, 56 as of tonight. Seeing all that new life brought me joy. ( Despite the fact it was -26, that brought me no joy)

     I got to visit with my aunt, family always brings me joy but that's no secret or tiny so #6 would have to be that she let me take three boxes of my great grandmother's personal effects to copy, sort and catalogue. As the family amateur historian, the chance to look through all of those "treasures" pretty much had me hopping up and down like a little kid that has to use the bathroom.

     7 would have to be the surprise I have in store for my aunt when she and my Mom come to visit in March. I'm not good keeping surprises secret so I had to not visit her this time when I was back. I always stop in to see her.

    8 is the surprise I have for both of them. Not blabbing it is killing me. My Mom knows about the secret for my aunt but thinks that's it. I can hardly wait.

    Second to last, hmm. I had an "A ha", moment this week. those always make me happy. Finally being able to scratch that mental itch. I realised why I don't like Lana Del Rey. Although I like her sound something about her always annoys me. It finally dawned on me,  she sounds like she's heavily medicated, there's a weird kind of disconnect listening to her.

     For the finale, a little vocab building.
fris·son  /frēˈsôN/
A sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill: "a frisson of excitement".
What always gives me that little shiver? That first few seconds of crawling into bed. That feeling of the cool sheets gives me goosebumps and  has made me smile for as long as I can remember. Kind of like the feel of silk on my skin.
       So what gives you that little shiver? Stop by Stasha's and find out what brings on the joy.


  1. I love history, especially family history--I can relate! And I agree, frisson is a great word.

  2. I love fun words! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the vocal lesson at the end. And I want to go back to Italy too. Keep socking away the dollars. You'll be there in no time. Erin

  4. Your Valentine's Day = My Christmas last year. Good times.

  5. I like frisson and will now take to using it all day! :) Great list...and of course, I want to know what the surprise is, too!

  6. hahahahaha I would have laughed at the thrown comment but rolled my eyes at the same time.
    Thanks for the vocab! I can't wait to use it today although I might have to wait until I have an older audience. My girls look at me dumbfounded most of the time anyway.
    I would love to see those babies!
    Ugh I wish I had a farm......

  7. I am the memory keeper for this family as well. It broke my heart going through mom's things and my sisters who are much older not knowing the background of things mom kept or why she kept them. Sad that they felt her life was not as important as their's once they got older. Ahh we have an electric blanket so for me it is having warm sheets lol.

  8. Hmmmm. . . .what makes me shiver. Ant hills. . .or ant piles as I like to call them. They give me the heaby geebies, all tall, moundy and holey like they are. But secretly, I really like them . . .all the work that it must take for the ants to build them in such a short amount of time. .. amazing.

  9. New toilet sounds awesome. I need two new showers, then I'm closer to Bonnaroo.

  10. There is HUGE joy in getting a new toilet. Irishman bought one a couple of weeks ago and installed it. It was the best gift ever!

  11. Yes to sheets and secret surprises and a man who can replace a toilet. Also I totally laughed at the throne one!


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