Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guys are easy

    Rorybore gave us this prompt in honour of February being the month of love and romance.

The Most Romantic Character... Ever?"In a book, a film, a TV show, a song.....who's The One that carries you away?
     How hard could that be? It's not like there aren't thousands of pages, songs and movies dedicated to it. Poor tragic Heathcliffe, Romeo and Juliet, Tristram and Isolde. Movies like Gone with the Wind, From Here to Eternity, Casablanca, even Boys Don't Cry or Brokeback. Songs, two words, Air Supply.
     I drew a complete blank. All I could come up with were characters I thought were hawt. So I scoped out what others had to say and it finally hit me. Guys are easy.
    We don't require our loves to woo us, we're a sure thing. Easily convinced. There is no storming the castle, swimming the moat to slay the dragon going on. No showers of rose petals, dim candle light or chocolate necessary.
     For many of us, romance = sex. Sadly all that's required is a little bare skin, a side ways glance, a pulse. You've got our attention. Props, food or alcohol, all optional. A nice touch but not essential.
    That's not to say we don't appreciate the gesture. It's not entirely wasted on us. Some of us even like the idea of romance. The planning, the staging, the shopping, the cleaning, the grooming, the trimming, the thinking..... more thinking, even more thinking. Damn you Hollywood, you've set us up to fail again.
     My most romantic character? The one who remembers the opener so I don't crack a filling trying to open the bottle. Swoon.
     Drop by Rory's to see what others who have a clue have to say.
The above post is written with tongue firmly in cheek


  1. Guys are a sure thing. LOL
    I will have to agree... I can't recall ever having to work much harder than the simple mating call of "I've got a Bud, I've got a cold Bud."

    Also, I've been known to just push the cork all the way in.

    Wait, what? Oh my....I apologize....that was unintentionally dirty ;)

    sometimes that works too though...am I right? LOL

  2. my list of fictional characters i swoon over:

    1. Jake Ryan
    2. Professor Lupin (i was devastated when he was killed off)
    3. atticus finch


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