Sunday, February 24, 2013

And the Award goes to...

     Hi everyone. I've been really pressed for time lately. I thought winter, especially here in the great white North, was supposed to be a time of rest and rejuvenation. Hibernation, people. The days are just flying by. I'm two weeks behind on comments, the house is a mess. I need a hair cut.....

     This week I managed to install two new plugs in the house. Anyone who's ever bought a fixer upper knows how important that is. Quite proud, I wired into the breaker box and everything. Two less extension cords running along the floor, fewer tripping hazards. Both good things.

     More pics of my newest cousin. He's so tiny. Pretty adorable too.

     This week we were supposed to talk about 10 dumbest purchases. Truly, I've got nothing for this one. I'm pretty good at curbing my spending impulses. Silly things I buy, like the glow in the dark colour changing dragon flies were 99 cents a piece. I have two. I'm also a researcher. I check around and compare online when I'm going to make a purchase. Another thing that keeps impulse buying at bay. Not having  a lot of extra cash, I'm pretty good at not spending it. If we were doing this after the trip in September, all bets are off. But I do have a list and it relates.

     It isn't just the Oscars tonight. Kerry gave me a Liebster award. I'm honoured to accept but I already have one from over a year ago.( shows how fast my readership is growing LOL) So two lists, 11 random facts about me then answering her 11 questions. I'm not going to follow all the rules because I don't think you are supposed to do this twice but what the hell.

Random facts

1 I'm very shy, almost painfully so. Until I get to know you.
2 Love crossword puzzles
3Favourite beverages, coffee, beer, tequila and bourbon. (not all at once or in that order)
4 Favourite meal- tuna noodle casserole, I'm a cheap date
5 I would like to colour my hair but don't want people to think I'm just trying to cover the grey even though I'm not really thrilled with the grey.
6 Pretty much an all or nothing kind of guy.
7 Hate being late but I usually am.
8 Very, very clumsy, the bull in the china shop. There is almost always an unidentified bump, bruise or scratch some where on my person.
9 Love people's expression when you smile at them and say Thank you or Have a good day. A little politeness goes a long way.
10 Hate talking on the phone but will talk for hours in person. Really just tell me to shut up.
11 Small things should be attached to my body with idiot strings. I've lost countless toques, gloves, sunglasses, cel phones, my wallet, keys.... The list is endless. That should have been my list, dumb purchases because I had to replace them. Likelihood of losing them is directly proportional to how expensive they were.

Kerry's questions
  1. Most unique place you’ve visited
  2. Favorite vacation spot
  3. An adventure or relaxation day
  4. Facial or shopping
  5. Meat or vegetables
  6. Stupid comedy or drama based on real events
  7. Favorite music genre
  8. Languages other than English?
  9. Have you ever been skydiving? If no would you?
  10. How about bungee jumping?
  11. Lastly….dream job?
1 Snorkeling in the gulf stream reefs off the Bahamas.
2 My parents farm, cheesy I know but they have a pool, horses to ride, tons of relatives to visit, awesome food. What more could a guy ask for?
3 Always up for an adventure.
4 Facial. I hate shopping for the most part but having some one pamper me.....
5 Meat wrapped around vegetables. Bacon wrapped asparagus, need I say more.
6 I like both so it depends on my mood. Love the ridiculous but am a bit of a history buff too so????
7 Impossible to pick
8 French, not so bad, Italian, not so good and a smattering of Tagalog curse words.
9 No but I would love to and hang gliding too.
10 Kind of on the fence with this one. Have a feeling it would end up like the Dukoral commercial but never say never.
11 Too many to list really. Book editor, critic for food, music or film, travel writer, National Geographic photographer, astronaut, writer.... Who knows what I'll be if I ever grow up LOL

     Drop by Stasha's and see what's cluttering up everyone's storage spaces.


  1. Liked getting to know you better, especially your list of dream jobs. I could get on board with those too. Electrician didn't make the list? Installing new outlets is impressive. Ellen

  2. What a fun post. Look forward to visiting again soon.

  3. My husband is with you on the hair coloring thing - it's ok for women to color, but still seems taboo for men. And your cousin is precious!

  4. I'm the same way - I actually bump into walls, clip the ends of furniture, and trip at least once a day. I've been like that ever since I was young.

    Thanks for sharing about yourself.

    I found your blog today through Monday Listicles.

    Have a great day!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made my day answering this! I stalk certain blogs and you are one of the lucky ones! creeped out? Good thing you are shielding your face in your profile! Farm sounds like a wonderful place to vaca and in fact I've been trying for years to convince my husband we should move to one. I dreamed of photographing for NatGeo! We are like twins.
    Up to the random facts #9 when i used to bartend I would give a free drink to the first person to say thank you. Sad really because it would be hours before someone used their manners. I'm sure after I told them why they were getting a free beverage they continued to always use least I hope. Oh dear lord I'm going on and on like I do on your blog. Last thing is seriously adorable kiddo! tootles!

  6. I hate shopping and talking on the phone too!! Never grow up, it's totally overrated ;)

  7. can't wait to meet the newest little one!!! he's soo tiny. mine were never that tiny.

    and I love my award - made my day ;)


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