Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What time is it anyway?

     Tuesday Coffee Chat oh how I have missed you. This week's prompt was just to good to miss, "What makes you lose track of time?"  Answer, everything.

     I'm not a particularly good multi tasker, more of a singular focus kind of guy. Part is genetic, see I was doomed from the start, the other part I'm blaming on my job.

     As a coordinator, I juggle a host of details and time lines all day long. On top of that, I'm always working on planning at least one week ahead. By the time I get home, my poor brain is done. I lose track of time playing video games, cleaning (yes, I do clean, occasionally), spending quality time on Facebook, Blogger, Google... you get the idea. The biggest culprit is reading. I can get lost in a book for hours.

     The only time I don't lose track of time is watching television. I'm guessing it's because it comes in discreet blocks of half hour, hour or two hours. I've even been know to use programs to keep me on track for the night. I just have to remember to catch the start time. LOL

     Grab a coffee and drop by RoryBore's to see , wait what were we doing?


  1. Yes being at work makes it difficult to stay on time. When I worked we always worked with a calender of at least 3 days out. I never knew what day it was. Even in retirement I know when the weekend arrives because my grandchildren can visit me.

  2. I stopped wearing a watch when I stopped working outside the house. but my day still does tend to go by the clock -- it just looks a little different than numbers: OMG O'Clock (kids wake up), Hurry Up it's the bus - Go, Go O'Clock, You've only had coffee all morning/feed the kids OClock.....wine o'clock (really, anytime) and if Left Brain is home, hopefully we'll end with OMG O'Clock again. LOL

    I cannot sit in front of the TV for long though, so definitely books, blogs or music is my biggest.
    Glad to have you back!

  3. I thought I lost track of time with tv, but I see now that that's not exactly true. I do SPEND a lot of time watching tv, and if I'm not careful, I'll be up way past my bedtime and neglect some stuff I should be doing. But I'm good at getting stuff done during commercials, at least.


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