Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIF, the May 2-4 Edition

     It's been a long time since I linked up for a TGI-Friday post over at Jennifer's place. The fates conspired to make today just about perfect so...

1 It's the May long weekend, Victoria Day on Monday. Unofficially the May 2-4, as in a 2-4 of beer. I have 4 of them. Oh yeah, a patriotic Canadian.

2 I extended the long weekend, no work today or Tuesday.

3 My car had actual keys. No ignition lock, no muss, no fuss. Okay, it took a minute to figure out how to unlock the trunk. No trunk release, it was part of the door release then a little button on the trunk. Weird and not exactly straight forward but I managed.

4 Gorgeous weather forecast for all five days.

I need to do a little painting
Yes, chainsaw oil, there will be some wood cutting as well
Hoo rah, manly power tools

5 I got to spend the whole morning doing my favourite thing, cruising the home improvement stores. All alone and unhurried, I got to look through Rona, Home Depot and Canadian Tire. I didn't end up buying much but I did save $50 on the range hood I was looking for, mine broke the day after the warranty expired. I didn't have to shower or even brush my hair. And no one batted an eye. Perfect.

New light for the fountain
(I dropped the old one and it just isn't the same without illumination)
Goofy little flame less tea light dragonflies
They change colour too!
6 I have most of my plants for the garden and avoided the chaos this weekend will be. For added entertainment value, I got to watch the fireworks early. Husband and wife arguing about where to park. Door slam, angry stalking through the gate. Glad it wasn't me.

Plants for the garden
Over half are for eating

     On a small side note, two minor annoyances. Last night, there was a young woman crouched down beside my car, right outside my back gate. I was making a movie run and almost ran into her as I was leaving. It was pitch dark. She startled me, but quickly went on to explain she was a neighbour, didn't realize the gate opened, it was quiet, she liked sitting under my tree, blah blah blah. I responded, " I don't give a crap, get off my property, sit in your own freakin' yard." Insert appropriate cuss words. Who does that? There are two parks within two blocks of my house.

     The other happened as I returned home from my chill shopping morning. Someone was parked in my driveway. I was now illegally parked to unload the car because some one was illegally parked behind my house. WTF? I was sorely tempted to flatten all four tires but I resisted. Aren't you proud? LOL

     What's in my long range forecast? Lots of working outside in the garden, barbecuing, fires at night and beer. And there will be lemon squares. It's the little things.

     What's making your Friday great?


  1. Left Brain is working nights the entire long weekend, which leaves me with 3 kids all day and night long till Monday night. Yippy skippy. I remember better May 2-4's, I gotta tell ya.
    send a cold one and some of those lemon squares and I might just make it through :)

    1. Oh no, at least it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend. You can tire them out outside LOL
      you know I'd send you a cold one and a lemon square or two ( not Jean's recipe but pretty darn good anyway) but, Canada Post? Do you want to wait that long? I'll hoist a few and eat a few in your name, how's that?
      Have a great May 2-4.

  2. All this home improvement is making me want to work on my house! I love wandering around the home improvement stores buying random things :) And I love that you have a chainsaw for painting Ha ha!

    1. Home improvement stores are the best. The things I could have bought.
      Do you think that would work? I hate painting but using the chainsaw is kinda fun. Maybe..... ROFL

  3. Your weekend sound fabulous, Paul! Enjoy!

  4. Some strange woman crouching by your car in the dark??! No doubt it was a blog stalker who saw that pic of you reading in the bathroom on a previous blog and was hoping to sneak a peak through the window of the real thing. The perils of being famous!

    1. ROFL, that bathroom is on the second floor so she forgot her ladder. That is weird though, right? Who does stuff like that? I mean it's not like she asked for an autograph or tried to rip off an article of my clothing so...


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