Saturday, April 7, 2012


     Friday, Good Friday to be exact, yep, time for Coffee Chat Tuesday with RoryBore. This week, pet peeves. Way too easy, I'll have to rope myself in a little.

     The top of my list, cuz it changes by the day depending on what I'm doing, has to be with technology. Yes, I'm having computer problems, unless of course I'm not.

     For whatever reason, my Internet has been hinky all week. It could be a problem with the Flash update, the security update for Explorer, Blogger updates and changes, changes to my Internet service or there may be an actual problem with my computer. I hate having to trouble shoot 15 different platforms only to have it all working fine again a couple of days later. I have no idea why or how to prevent it from happening again. ARGH Remember the days, you picked up the phone, no dial tone, call the phone company, technicians dispatched, problem solved. So much easier, far less swearing.

     Speaking of swearing, my on going peeve, guaranteed to inspire those blue streaks. My messy housemates, and in all fairness to them, it is only one person. Yes Rory you know him. I arrived home yesterday, ready to prep for a friend's birthday celebrations tomorrow. Both sinks full of dishes, my good knives on the bottom and wet, the counters strewn with crap, the glass table top covered in crumbs and more crap.  Don't think it could be that bad, I'm exaggerating, see.  I'll do laundry instead.

     No, I won't. There is a load unwashed in the washer, it's only been three days and one on top of the dryer. So I turned the taps in the bathroom all the way off, turned off the lights left on all day throughout the house, double checked to make sure the gas on the stove was actually off this time, it isn't always and retreated to the cave for some reading. And fuming.

     Wow that kind of has me mad just thinking about it again. Time for a zen break in the garden. Sure to calm me right?

     Thank you to whoever used my drive way to turn and backed all the way through my garden up to my garlic. I really appreciate that and completely understand how the 20 feet of driveway were not enough, you needed the extra 4 and a half of my garden as well. Back inside.

     One more random bit, warning labels. My coffee cup says, caution, contents may be hot. My chainsaw came with a warning, do not stop blade between the legs or under the arms. Really? It may be me, but that really seems kind of obvious. T-Fal on the other hand doesn't have to put any kind of warning that exceeding about 350 degrees on their non stick pans may result in dangerous, suspected carcinogenic chemicals leaching from the coating into your food. Or water bottles if heated, like say in a car in the summer, may release dioxins into the water. Why is that?

     Any how, that's it for now. And yes I know that it is now Saturday, I'm just that little bit further behind and that is probably my biggest pet peeve. Never. Enough. Time.

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  1. I feel your pain on having to clean up after slobs you live with, except in my case, the slobs are my kids! I like to hide in my room too, but they always seem to find me.

    1. I've lived with people for most of the last three decades. Once past two people, the mess seems to grow exponentially. It wouldn't be so bad if I was dealing with kids, I could understand that. My worst offender is 46 freakin' years old. Used dental floss in the shower really? I don't care Toni Braxton flosses in the shower (that's the response I get when I queried it), she probably throws the used stuff out. I always get found too, to change a light bulb. The 30 year old couldn't figure it out, I kid you not.

  2. I fear I am the dirty one in the house this week...(that didn't sound quite right). with Monkey Boy sick since Wednesday, the girls just starting to get the same now...and Left Brain on nights. Well I am not doing any laundry, cleaning, and what could barely pass for cooking either.
    I am however enjoying playing bunny (geez, that doesn't sound right at'all either) tonight. nothing like some chocolate to make your forget the bee in your bonnet.

    1. The dirty house bunny, LOL Left Brain will be having a fun Easter. here's to more chocolate, the great (mood) equalizer.

  3. I really feel for you. Hubby and I had room mates right after we had our son. They were friends with an infant, they needed a place to stay... we were happy to help. NEVER again. I'm a bit of a neat freak and them leaving their crap all over and not cleaning up nearly drove me insane. It was one of my happier days when they decided to go on to greener pastures and mooch of some other friends!

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone in my not so quiet despair. Is it really asking that much not to have to be tripping over some one else's crap? Really?


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