Tuesday, April 17, 2012


     Tuesday, less manic than last week when I missed the topic (sorry Rory), time to settle in with a coffee and chat. This week, best movie moments. Hmmm

     Easy enough, I love movies. Classics, good ones, bad ones, ones so bad they're good. I'm going to have to rope myself in on this one. You know I can go on, and on, and on.

The Classics

Nora Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, "I'm still a big star, the pictures just got small." All the while clutching a cigarette in that weird claw like holder. Gloria Swanson was brilliant.
Same movie, same character, " I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille." as she's descending the staircase after killing her gigolo lover.

Shower scene from Psycho, with Janet Leigh. Hitchcock at his best.

Same director, Tippi Hedren  running down the street, being dive bombed in The Birds. Scared the crap out of me as a kid. Which incidentally is on right now.

"God bless us, every one." Tiny Tim in Scrooge. Gets me a little misty, every Christmas.

The party scene at Holly Golightly's apartment, "Timber". Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. What's not to love?

Any scene with Peter Sellers. A comedic genius.

     There are lots more in this category because I love old films, but I'm going to move on, reluctantly.

Best Tear Jerker

Has to be the little kid in the hospital scene in Terms of Endearment.

I did not see that coming

Bruce Willis as a "dead people" in The Sixth Sense.
Mrs. Vorhees as the killer in the original Friday the 13th.
Same movie, end scene with Jason rising from the lake. Now a horror genre staple, the last minute scare.
Sophie's real choice, from the movie Sophie's Choice. Also belongs in the best tear jerker category.
Tom Cruise's entire performance in Magnolia. Who knew he could act, that one time?
Mindy's gore fest in the drug dealer scene in Kick Ass. How can you not love a little girl in a purple wig kickin' ass and takin' names.
Topher Grace's character in Predators being revealed as a sadistic twist completely justifying my general dislike of Topher in all of his weasel-i-ness.
Julian's full frontal in American Gigolo. A big (or not so big, sorry Richard) deal in 1980 when it was released.

Best Mother Daughter Moment

Sally Field and Julia Roberts when Julia's character has the seizure in the beauty parlour in Steel Magnolias.
(a friend of mine told me she had just seen this amazing movie, Mongolian Steel, I had to see it LOL)

Best Kiss

I got nothing, feel free to fill this one in

Best Romantic Moment

Not really my favourite genre, see above.

Best Sci Fi Moment

Hands down, Rutger Hauer's death speech in Blade Runner. Love. This. Movie.

Can't Get Enough Moments

With Kate Beckinsale, Sigourney Weaver and Mila Jojovich in the Underworld, Alien or Resident Evil movies.

Cheesiest Moment

Hands down, Elisabeth Berkley, Showgirls, "It's Versase". Sorry Liz, even the bell couldn't save you there.

Best Moments of the Cheesefest 

"Vicar, if we don't make it through this I just want you to know, I BLAME YOU ENTIRELY," says Fletch in Lesbian Vampire Killers. This movie cracked me up. Silly, pointless, hilarious.

"Slide me some sugar babe." Bruce Campbell preparing to fight the undead hordes in The Army of Darkness

If only it were true moments

Drew Barrymore getting axed in the opening scene of Scream. It marked a turning point for her personally and career wise so it doesn't really belong here but at the time....

A pole through the forehead for Paris in House of Wax. A social service really.

Kim K getting crushed in Disaster Movie, A guy can dream can't he?

The best moment is when the final credits are rolling, at last I can leave 

There are quite a few that fall into this category. You all know the ones I mean. Some are just bad, some just ass numbingly long.

Titanic, Catwoman, Wolverine, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, Episodes 1, 2 and 3, The English Patient, ET, Gigli, Avatar. I'll cut it off there.

     Feel free to add your favourites in the comments. Drop by Rory's, can't wait to read the other Best Movie Moment picks.


  1. You picked some great movie moments for this one! I love that speech at the end of Blade Runner as well, such a great movie I feel doesn't get the praise it deserves. I love anything with Bruce Cambell and Army of Darkness - the best. I'm such a movie geek, don't get to watch as many now days but I love your post!

    1. Thanks Anna
      Blade Runner and Logan's Run define the genre for me. I've seen both so many times. ( I own both so...)
      Bruce Cambell should be so much more famous, love his work.
      Most of my movie watching is from home these days. I think they design those seats for maximun uncomfortable-ness.

  2. Fantastic! And I only say that because this could have been my list if I weren't so lazy and would actually compose one. Hell, I'll just steal yours and call it my own. ha!
    I must say that I love Sigourney in all those Alien movies. And that girl-child in Kick Ass just stole my heart.

    1. I knew there was a reason I liked you, steal away. Glad to see you back in the blogsphere.

  3. Blade Runner....can't believe I left that one out! Shame on me.
    Same thing with Sophie's Choice -- she's the best, hands down.

    Love the "if only it were true" ones. ROFL

    And so agree with English Patient. I kept trying to watch that movie - but I could never get through it. eventually gave up trying.

    And as much as I do love LOTR....Left Brain and I had some difficulty getting through extended version of Return of the King last night. He fall asleep....I lasted until 1 am. But for me, it's just the friendship between Frodo and Sam. Most parts I can take our leave...but I love how that relationship played out.
    Great list once again!

    1. Thanks Rory, the extended version? What is it, three days long? LOL already thinking about next week.

  4. That scene in Scream is forever etched into my innocent brain!! I have not been able to watch any more...
    Great list!

    1. I like the entire franchise. Julia robert's neice in the last one, from Nancy Drew to psychotic killer, brilliant.

    2. I hired it, listened to 20 seconds with my eyes shut aqnd turned it off lol, I just don't think I can do it!!

    3. LOL, at least you tried. Movies like Scream don't bother me, they're make believe. Silence of the Lambs freaked me out, you know people can really be that awful to each other.

  5. This is a great list. You know, I have never seen Terms of Endearment - do you recommend it?

    1. I really liked the movie. It's got a great cast, funny bits, teary bits, if there were zombies, I'd love it. That's a yes. LOL

  6. I knew I loved you, but the fact that you hated Titanic too makes me love you even more:)

    One of my favorites is the end of Pretty Woman when Albert Finney says to Julia Roberts, "Do they teach beauty queens how to say thank you? Because you suck at it."

    1. Ah Bridget, we share so much. LOL Right back at you.


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