Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Month In ...

     Time to sit back and settle in with Rory for Coffee Chat. What television show would you spend a month in? Hmmmm. That's an excellent question. I kept it to currently running shows or it probably would have been I Love Lucy. No explanation necessary.

     I'm not a huge fan of episodic television. Most shows are great for a season or two then...just... fizzle. Or maybe I just don't have the attention span. What ever.

     Survivor and The Amazing Race flashed through my head, just for the challenge aspect of it. But then that's a month of hard work so.... NO

     Up until recently, I would have chosen Game of Thrones. Cool story, faithful to the books at least for season one. Season two, what happened? Things are so off book now, makes me angry. In three short episodes. And the author of the books is the executive producer. Scratch that.

     Mad Men. Lots of drinking, smoking and fornicating. I could do that. Nah, never really got into the series.

     Dexter? Tempting

     The Killing. Very tempting. Great story, a crime solving whodunit. Michelle Forbes who has been on some of the coolest shows from TNG to True Blood. Awesome to meet her. Umm, a whole month. I'm terrible at solving mysteries. Those damn Hardy Boys didn't teach me a thing.

     That of course leads to True Blood. Hangin' out with Sookie and Bill. Cool, but I'm not really built like Eric or Alcide so.... Maybe if I shed a few pounds, and hit the gym, and miraculously become 20 years younger.

     The Walking Dead. Post apocalyptic zombie creating virus world. I'd be a natural, see.

Nah, that makeup was itchy, the blood stayed sticky and got all over everything. Besides, I'm clumsy, all I'd end up as is bait, then a meal.

     Then I got thinking of comedy series, I have a feeling they'd get old fast. The billion and one crime shows, nah. Feel good wholesome family shows, yawn.

     Too bad Sliders wasn't on anymore, or Stargate. Who wouldn't like to tool around the universe or through alternate dimensions. Then it hit me. Why didn't I think of it earlier? And the new season is starting soon. I love this show.

     That's right folks, Doctor Who. How could you resist the invitation to travel through all of time and space in a blue police box with the last surviving Time Lord? A whole lot of awesome. And not all of the Doctor's companions end up dead. This is my final answer, where I will spend my month. Just try and pry me out of the TARDIS. I dare you.

     Stop by Rory's and see where else we'd like to spend some quality time.

     And now for episode two of this post. I got tagged, twice, by family. Rory and my cousin Carly so... I'm not going to play by the rules but I will answer the questions.

Here are my questions for those I have tagged:1.   Oreo cookies:  are you a milk dipper or pull them apart and lick the creme inside?
Neither, I hate Oreos. I'm sure I was the only kid who wouldn't eat Oreo's or PB&J. I loathe peanut butter unless it's in a cookie, with honey or in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
2.   beach or pool?
Either/both as long as the neither are too crowded. Crowded with family is fine.
3.  What's your freak talent?
Uh this is a PG blog, I'm not talking about "freak " talents. What happens in my bedroom is no ones business but my own. LOL
4.  What's in your bag?
A book, toothpaste and tooth brush, another bag, two actually. One plastic and another re usable one for grocery shopping. In my knapsack. 
5.  You are a closet _______  fan?
Kelly Clarkson/Paula Deen
6.  Who is the celebrity you would most like to meet and why?
Annie Lennox, the epitome of cool
7.  Can you put your mascara on with your mouth closed?  (boys, if you are here...pick a substitute)
No I can not shave with my mouth closed
8.  Last thing you bought.
Books, cigarettes, beer and pearl dust-don't ask. I'll tell you on Friday
9.  The best part of waking up is _____?
Hitting the snooze button and rolling over
10.  You have one phone call - who ya gonna call?
I actually don't know, depending on why, probably my parents.
11.  What is your favourite thing about the opposite sex?
Giggling. Silly I know. Guys guffaw, we snicker but talking late night with my Mom or any of my girlfriends can reduce me to giggles. Little kid, uncontrollable giggles.

Because we're all rebels in this family, Carly choose to ask direct questions for each of the people she tagged. Here's mine

The Ossington Kitchen:  How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Easy. The original idea/purpose for the blog was to share family recipes and pictures. Life in our collective kitchens. I live on Ossington Avenue My blog is my kitchen. The original header was going to be the view from my kitchen window but it kinda sucks and I'd have to clean the window so...

     I have chosen not to tag anyone else. I know, I'm a big spoil sport, but I couldn't think of questions for eleven people right now. It will come to me a couple of weeks from now of course but by then it's kinda too late.

     Don't forget to drop by tomorrow for the first installment of the epic trilogy that is Movita's Birthday Cake.


  1. Love love love Dr Who. One of my most fav shows along with Stargate and Babylon 5
    I like Star Trek too just not as much as the top 3

    1. With you all the way. I kind of lost the thread of Babylon 5 towards the end of the series, Stargate I loved, the movie, SG1, Atlantis and Universe. Was actually sad to see Universe go so quickly.
      I like Star Trek, all of them, really liked the newest movie but I love The Doctor.

  2. Dr Who would be so cool! Left Brain will love your answer - especially because you picked the original series - right? He has checked out the new one too.

    Annie Lennox - concur.
    And really? I'll have to watch Left Brain next time he shaves - I didn't realize your mouths were open. And he does it in the shower, so...that should be lots of fun ;)

  3. Original, new, makes no never mind to me. Just let me in.
    Annie would be so interesting, articulate, talented and not gossip rag fodder.
    In the shower, not in front of the mirror? I'd slit my own throat. There is enough blood letting even when I can see what I'm doing. Ferd flosses in the shower too. Another thing I need the mirror for. Need to be able to see.
    How do they both not drown?

  4. Why am I the only person in the world who doesn't care for Dr. Who? What's wrong with me? Wait, don't answer that!

    1. You're mot alone, I know lots of people who hate the series. Then again, I didn't like Friends or Seinfeld so...
      There's nothing worng with you, pumpkin, you're perfect just the way you are. (I could totally have been a Dad LOL)

  5. I am weird... I am probably the only person in the world who didn't like that show

    1. Not so Hilary. You and Mark can get together and trash talk the doctor.

  6. I just discovered Shameless - it's my new favourite.

    1. Never thought of Shameless. The show is brilliant. would I want to spend a month in it?????Hmmm.

  7. BAH!!!! I'm so excited! I can hardly hold still...

    1. You make me laugh, but you still have to wait until Friday to see the cake. Laugh out loud.

  8. Oh you're a True Blood fan too? I could easily hang out with Vampire Eric lol for a whole month too!! ;)
    I haven't really heard of the other shows except for Doctor Who, I used to watch that as a kid :)

    1. The first two seasons of True Blood were amazing, the last one, meh? Life in Bon Temps.
      Most of the other shows are HBO or AMC network. I get pretty much every English channel known to man here. Three of my house mates are big Tele geeks.

  9. We are Dr. Who lovers in this house and thanks to Netflix we've seen every episode under the sun. Even the kids are in on it. I better not let hubby know that Hilary doesn't like the show... he'd never let her live it down. ( We know each other IRL. ) :)

    1. I don't have Netflix. I've heard very mixed reviews but if they have the Doctor they can't be all bad. You and Hilary pal-ing aound on the beach. I'm so jealous.


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