Sunday, June 17, 2012

So Long, Farewell

     Wow did that week just disappear. Monday again, making lists with Stasha. Here is what she left us with last week.

I am giving you an allowance of (pretend) $1000 and ask for a list of 10 things you will spend it on

     Very timely because, .... I'm getting my house ready to sell. Huge pain in the backside but I'm weirdly excited too. Out with the old and in with the new. This time I want a real yard where I can garden to my heart's content and maybe even swing a pool eventually, but that's getting ahead of myself. I have even looked into moving to..... The 'Burbs. As a downtown boy for the last 25 years that is a truly scary proposition.

1 Paint for the kitchen
2 Tiles for the upstairs bathroom
3 Tiles for the downstairs bathroom
4 Paint scrapers for the porch railings
5 Wood screws to finish fixing the back step
6 Parging mix to fix the little crack in the basement stairwell
7 Paint for the newly scraped porch railings
8 New light for the living room
9 TSP to get ready for all the painting
10 Lots and lots of cleaners, bucket loads of cleaners.

     Done and done. I'm sorry to say, with all that is going on the Kitchen will be on hiatus. I just don't have time to keep up with everything. I'll miss you all over the summer but hopefully I'll be back on track soon. Wish me luck.

PS Here is that good for you scone recipe I promised you Stasha. No need to deny yourself. Gluten, dairy and refined sugar free but still enjoyable with your morning cuppa.


  1. Good luck on your move. That is a lot of work. I'm donating my imaginary $1000 to you so that you can hire some help!

    Looking forward to your return! Ellen

  2. I'm jealous you own a home to fix up to sell for a better house!!!

  3. Good luck with all your home improvements. Enjoy your summer! (I can say that because I find renovating strangely enjoyable.)

  4. Good luck! You'll be missed:(

  5. Very exciting times!! I hope your house is sold in a jiffy so you are back to cooking your own crops this time!

  6. And thank you for the recipe. Looks easy enough xo

  7. Yes, Good luck indeed! We just spent the last two weeks moving and I'm finally back to Blogland the day you're disappearing. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
    Take care!
    Your Friend, m.

  8. Getting a house ready for sale is such a pain. It is worth it though. Good luck and I hope you get your garden.

  9. Oh man, we just went under contract on our house and spent the last two years fixing it up to go for sale. What a journey. I wish you so much luck!!!

  10. Oh I detest moving! My own house will be going on the market in a few months and I am simply living in denial. It overwhelms me.

    However I DO like to paint...I suppose I have that going for me :D

  11. Visiting from Listicles. I love moving and fresh starts. If nothing keeps me from being a hoarder :). Best of luck and happy endeavors with your move.

  12. I need all these things for our new house too. Good luck with your move!

  13. Good luck with your sale. Isn't that a great irony. We work like heck to get our houses ready to sell and then when we are done, they look so good we wonder why we are moving.

    1. Yes! This exactly.

      Very practical list! Good luck with the fixing up and the move!

  14. Since I didn't do Listicles today, you can have my $1,000.00

    good luck, don't work too hard, take beer breaks...several would probably be wise, and good luck with the sale.

    than get your butt back here :)

  15. moving is the eighth ring of hell and selling a house is the seventh. good luck. remember that duct tape does wonders, as does a storage space to hide all the stuff the realtor says you shouldn't have in your house so that the potential buyers can "envision" their new life. and as RoryBore says, above, beer is ALWAYS useful.

  16. Good luck with the move - it sounds like a big change but I'm sure it will be great! A real yard sounds amazing, I hope you find one you love.

  17. Good luck with the move! I can't wait to see your new garden!

  18. Good luck with the sale and the move and finding a great new place for yourself! See you soon. I'd be happy to lend a hand with some painting! :)

  19. I chose home improvement stuff too!

  20. Good luck, friend! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you come back to us...

  21. best wishes in your home improvement. i'm in the same boat as you and i'm sorry to say that the fake $1000 you've given out wouldn't even cover the drywall/plaster work i have to do.

    so instead, i would go shopping. for clothes and shoes. there i said it, i'm selfish and impractical and wasteful. don't be jealous.


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