Friday, June 1, 2012


     Another Friday, another link up with Jennifer. The summer sun is finally here and it has been hawt outside. And I'm not just talking about the temperature. This week a SEXY link up. That's right, read on if you dare.

     Here's the back story. What seems like ages ago, when I was first blogging, I stumbled across a list of awards on someones site. I have tried in vain to re find that site, one because it was hilarious and two because I'd like to credit the creative genius behind this post.

     I'm assuming the list was of fake awards, I've never seen any of them and they made for a very entertaining read. One in particular stuck in my head.

     Since then I've been trying to figure out how to make it an award in truth. A back spasm later, hours of  boredom free time and voila, I give you the coveted  "Sexier than a Garden Gnome" award.

     How does one win this sexiest of awards?

      It is bestowed on those deserving few who post awe inspiring pictures of their gardens. Actually, it really is a celebration of the great outdoors and Mother Nature in all her glory so any pictures at the park, hiking, at the beach, amazing sunsets,  hell throw in some pictures of actual garden gnomes. It's all good.

The Rules

1 Graciously accept. Feel free to gush in my comment section how I have changed your life by granting this most discerning of awards to your deserving self.

2 Find one other person who deserves to be honoured. It can't be the person who gave it to you, no backsies and preferably not someone who has already won. Let's spread the happy around.

3 Link up the post/picture that won back here in the Kitchen. (It will go until Halloween, the absolute outside edge of my growing season) There may be voting and a final grand prize (or two) awarded.

4 The fun part. You can choose to either, use my button to pass on the award or create your own version.

     That's right, let your imagination run wild and get those creative juices flowing. I've seen a lot of mad skills out there, have fun with it. If you choose to make your own, link it up as well. If there are enough we'll judge the awards themselves and the winning pictures. Sound good?

     Now to get the ball rolling, the first recipient. Drum roll please........RoryBore over at Time out for Mom for the picture of her gorgeous poppies, or maybe the bi coloured columbine. Although the forget-me-nots aren't too shabby either. Yes, perhaps a little garden envy going on, I'll admit it. Finally, some recognition for being the dirty girl you are Rory. Congratulations. Feel free to slop sugar all over her and you may be next.

      That's what's making me happy this Friday, the anticipation of summer fun. Dirty or otherwise.


  1. LOL....I am dying over that gnome picture! or maybe just a little pee :)
    nice, dirty and wet pants, there's a sexy image for ya!
    Thanks ever so much! I actually truly appreciate it because after how much stinking, frickin, back breaking work I did last gardens have finally paid off!

    as for your linky.....when you paste it into your post, you must be in HTML view - NOT Compose. it's a weird lil glitch. I'll link up when you get it all set.
    Now....who else has been a dirty girl/boy? hee hee

    1. Aren't I just sexier than the average gnome? ROFL
      I know how hard you were working last year and it shows. Your blooms are beautiful. Kudos.

      I have no idea what happened. I knew about the HTML rather than compose, inlinkz code is there, showed up on the preview but nothing when I published. go back to edit, code still there, shows in preview, nada in publish? I must have done something wrong setting it up?? any how, linky tools seems to be fine even if I set it for 2013 by mistake the first time. GAH Hopefully its all good now.

    2. linked up! now, to search blog gardens for some sexy gnomes! LOL

      oh, but the button didn't work -- I just got a whole bunch of text and no image. So I just copied and pasted the pic. you can email me the entire code you used if you like.

    3. Hmm, I'll have to take a look at that. I just looked at the code and am not sure just what happened there in the box, it isn't what I put in there???

  2. OMG this is hilarious!!! Makes me want to post a picture of a flower so that I hopefully win. Does it have to be something I grew? Ha ha ha!!!

    1. I had so much fun with this. I just have to say googling gnome turns up some scary images.

      The only thing it has to be is a picture you took admiring the great outdoors, so snap away and start sloppin' sugar on Rory. ROFL

  3. Oh Paul, how you make me smile. Love it!

    But, umm, where the heck is your ENTIRE sidebar?? I see NOTHING. Is it just me?

    (in my head) Now, what is Paul's shiny new Twitter handle...?

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I've been giggling like a madman designing this one.

      The sidebar has relocated itself to the bottom, no idea why. Blogger has been really twitchy for me the last couple of days. All my othe posts seem find and I wasn't playing around with my template code so?????

  4. I have my first veggie garden this year, and my flower garden came back from all the work I did last year, so I guess i'd better "slop some sugar." HA!

    1. I have to say it was a hard choice to pick the first recipient. There are quite a few deserving ones out there, but hey nepotism rules LOL Feel free to slop sugar all over cousin Rory. Flattery will get you everything ROFL

      Seriously though I know all of the hard work that goes into growing an amazing garden and/or taking those breath taking shots so kind of a fun way to recognise that.


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