Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Less Wordy Wednesday, Introducing...

     Here he is, the newest little great grandchild, born on my grandmother's actual birthday yesterday, Reid Gardiner. Jacob, Mindy's nephew was all pleased, now we're even , three boys, three girls. The balance of power restored.

Reid Gardiner,
Born March 13, 2012
8 pounds, 2 ounces
21 inches long and breach
(he'll pay for that eventually)

      Mindy and new son are both fine and will be out of hospital by Friday. Can't wait until I meet the newest cousin. Kriket, you called it being a boy. Mindy and Doug never opened the envelope so the sex of the baby was a surprise.

     Few pics from the weekend.

Old point and shoot

Madison, My cousin Jeff and Heather's little girl looking sweet
Does not like me much
Did not want a picture taken

Piper and Maeve
My cousin Kriket and Ian's two youngest
Sugar and Spice
with a generous splash of Snips and Snails thrown in
Don't let those adorable faces fool you.

A repeat of Mindy and Doug,
the proud new parents

My grandmother again,
surrounded by her children
My grandfather was under the weather so is absent

Now for the new DSLR.

First actual picture,
As opposed to all the auto focusing I did

My aunt Karen,
Thanks for the  camera rescue

My cousin Janet,
She hasn't changed much since highschool
Her maiden name is Darling, so she has always been, Janet, big pause, Darling to me LOL
My aunt Aileen, Leenie, the new grandma off to the side

My cousin Adam and Laurie's two, Katie and Curtis

Meah, my cousin Chrystal and Jimmy
Didn't realize I had the whole family there

Kendall and Holly,
Kriket's oldest and Jenny's middle daughter

My cousin Rodney's wife, Samantha and their youngest Ryler
Kade and Theron, their other sons were having none of me taking pictures
Theron was only to happy to show me he had lost a tooth though

     As you can see I missed most of the family, between thinking the new camera wasn't working and running out of battery power for the old one, arghhhhhh. Amazing the difference between the two though and I have the new one all on auto settings still.

     Back to my parents farm for a few more shots.

Horses all shaggy in their winter coats

The new lambs

It's that time again

Gathering sap and making maple syrup

Everyone gets involved
that's my uncle Doug, Mindy's dad, the new grandpa in the red

Dad drills the holes,
After replacing the drill bit he broke
There may have been cursing

Then the crew follows with spigots, lids and buckets

Katy, aka the Beib, showing me some love
She's all kinds of funny

The Canadian geese are returning

And I finally got a half decent shot of the red headed woodpecker
It only took about 30 shots

And another.
I should have been manually focusing but got a great hi def picture of the leaves in the forefront.

     I've been having lots of fun with my new toy and the new software to edit my photos. One more thing on the list to keep me perpetually behind with everything. Hope you're all having a great Wednesday.

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