My shovel and size 11's ready to go

     I am an enthusiastic gardener. Not always successful but I remain undaunted. One day I will get it right. I am a big booster of urban gardening, I live in the city after all. It has its own special concerns and can be very different from the experiences I had as a child on the farm. Having said that, if you have space for a 12" pot, you can garden in the city. I'll try and show you how.

     I'll take you through my garden year by year, sharing my triumphs and moaning over my failures. You can learn from my mistakes and hopefully pass a little "green" wisdom along to me.

     I'll also be giving you my opinions on things. That doesn't mean they are right, they are just mine so treat them as such.

     Most importantly, I'll share what I do with my garden bounty; recipes, preservation tips, that sort of thing. It is no good having a successful crop if the squirrels end up being the ones who benefit.

     Get ready to get outside and get dirty with me. LOL