Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Serious Business

     So we're supposed to prank the lovely RoryBore this April Fools' day but......

Tickets go on sale this morning at 11:00 am. And not just any FanExpo, this is the 20th anniversary and what a guest line up. My little Fan Boy heart is pounding.

Bruce Campbell - Ash
Nathan Fillion - Captain Tight Pants aka Malcolm Reynolds
David Morrisey - The Governor
Danai Gurira - Meeshon

And if that wasn't enough

Carrie Fisher
Jeremy Renner

And yes Rory, your fave boy wizard is slated to make an appearance. I know, Daniel freakin' Radcliffe.
I'll be rollin' with the rest of the Nerd Herd all Labour Day weekend. No time for pranks, this is serious business.

You in Rory?

Did I get you?


  1. Sorry I am too old to recognize the acts. Have fun though.

  2. Okay...this smells very much like a prank. Am I right?

    1. Mostly true, only the last three guests are more wishful thinking rather than fact.

    you know I just fangirled all over your blog.
    sorry about that - hope drool doesn't transmit over the web :)

    If I can swing it -- you know I AM THERE!
    Renner AND Daniel?? for realz...... good lawd don't tease me

    1. I got you and I'm sorry, Tickets do go on sale today but the last three guests are just wishful thinking. But you never know, they might be announced closer to the date. Happy April Fool's

    2. Ack!!! drat.
      you're lucky you're family. and really really cool! LOL
      But yes - wouldn't that be a dream!! still lots of time and Marvel is filming Avengers 2 right now and with both Thor 2 and Captain America 2 already in theatres...... a girl can dream. :)


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