Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How do you...?

     I'm on a roll, two posts in a week after months of hibernation. Maybe it's that balmy -20 degree spring weather we've been having. Maybe not? Anyway, time to chat, Coffee Chat with RoryBore.

    The prompt this week, What is the one question you would ask everyone you meet?

     That's an easy one. I'm a curious fellow. I'm constantly asking people, "How do you .....?
Rory has been barraged with questions about blogging, template design, finding the time to write. My uncles, cousins and father are my go to mechanics and home repair gurus. Mom, my grandmothers and anyone else who cooks have been hounded for recipes and techniques. I have a living, breathing search engine at my disposal. Who needs Google?

     There it is, short and sweet. What's your question?


  1. What a wonderful support system you have. I am too am still asking questions about blogging.

  2. Blogging is one of those on and off again social networking things for me as well.I go weeks on and weeks off. Rory - being awesome... always comes by for a chat!

  3. My boys are teenagers and are in the stage of asking How do you "get a driving permit" "how do you deposit a check""how do you use a debit card""how do you pump gas"?

  4. Google never made me a cup of tea in a china heirloom, with a fresh slice of warm home made pie on the side, so I do believe your method is still the better one. And since this all about connecting with people and digging deeper -- even better still. Also, I am willing to bet you get some hugs too. Google never hugged me. :)

    So my question is a bit early, because The hell Spring!!??? > how do I divide my peony bush? Should I have done it back in the Fall?

  5. Came by to check out your blog! Looking forward to reading more!! Thanks for dropping by mine!



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