Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picture Perfect?

     Happy Monday, the first official one of summer, my favourite time of year. Time to link up with Stasha. Our topic this week, top 10 photographs you've taken.

     I love taking pictures. I have a huge family and I drag my camera to all the gatherings. I also suck at taking pictures. Missing heads, disembodied limbs, out of focus then there is this

Typically blurry photo at my grandmother's 85th

For the record, my aunt has a beautiful smile with all her teeth
Nor does she look like a cast member of the Walking Dead

     I don't really have 10 best photos, so I'm going on a little tangent. I promise it's photo related. It's what I was doing this morning.

     I'm in the middle of planning a trip to Italy for my friend's wedding, trying to post a little more so people know I'm alive, working on the house, cooking so of course there are pictures to document the progress or the lack there of. I haven't done a recipe post in months and I wanted to share one of the best summer recipes ever. Bring on the camera.

I envisioned something like this

Looks tasty right?

Maybe something like this?

I'd have been happy with this
Great Halloween dessert option right?

     Taking pictures of food is hard. I'm always in awe of people who post drool inspiring picture after picture of their culinary exploits.

     I assembled my props and headed outside to snap some pictures. Natural light is best so they say and it finally has stopped with  the thunder and lightening.

Unusual plate for visual interest
A little elevation ( I can crop that)
At eye level like you see food at a table

Maybe an over head view?

Ditch the ugly plate
Excellent reflection of me in the spoon

Maybe a location change?

To hell with it, I'll take a picture of the fountain instead
Almost got the whole thing, sigh

Maybe the primroses Mom gave me. 

      It's 30 degrees, my subject is melting, I'm going inside to eat. There is only so much I'm willing to suffer for my art. That does not include ruining a perfectly good dessert. After some cropping and trying to fix the exposure I ended up with this.

Not too shabby, right?
Just a touch of the Etruscan terracotta detailing behind
Simple, a little rustic

Which after several hours I turned into this.
I'll do the real recipe post tomorrow
This one has already gotten a little long

     One picture, six hours. I don't have time for 10. LOL

Come join me at Stasha's to see what everyone else has been snapping.


  1. WHAT! Those look delicious! I can't send my husband out again. I just made him go to Panera for a family size corn chowder. yum.
    I'm glad to know your aunt isn't as scary as your photo skills show her to be :)
    Enjoy your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG...your poor aunt...isn't it crazy how pics turn out weird sometimes...but your comment had me snorting.

    oMG...I am so flipping hungry now woman.

  3. Hahaha...this whole thing made me smile :) And that dessert looks delicious!

  4. Well great now I want what it was you made. Your picture of your aunt cracked me up, gotta love cameras and their ability to make funky images that are nothing like they are supposed to be...

  5. That food looks great! Such a yummy summer dessert! My culinary exploits never turn out how I envision them, either!

  6. I think you nailed it!!
    looks delicious.
    now....let's talk about that fountain because I wants it.

  7. Too funny. And your poor aunt. Thank goodness she doesn't have zombie teeth. I agree. I never, ever try to take photos of food. Well, I have tried but they never see the light of my blog. Too hard. If it's raw, just from the garden, I do pretty okay with that.

  8. I love the humor in this post!

  9. Food photography is tough, I'm never quite happy with how mine comes out. But I give it my best shot. And that Panna Cotta looks divine. I don't think I've ever had it before.

  10. You did excellent with the food shot but I think the primroses are the prettiest. I hope your Aunt doesn't read your blog even though you paid her a compliment ;-)


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