Sunday, October 28, 2012

The first

     It feels like forever since I last joined in with our listmaster, Stasha. So much going on, thank you all for your support and well wishes. Little by little, I've been getting back into my routine. Never underestimate the comfort of a well worn routine. Here goes, my list of 10 firsts, thanks to Bridget over at Twinisms.

1 First bling
Check it out, my baby bracelet
Hard to believe something that won't fit around my finger, went around my wrist
Mom kept it all these years

2 First puppy
My dog Toby, followed by Buffy
Named after the twins from Family Affair
Imagine my surprise after I Googled and I found out they were called Buffy and Jody

3 First pony
My little Shetland pony Pepper
The start of a life time love of horses

4 First party animal moment
It was the '70's that's all I'm saying

5 First academic achievement
The only picture of me in a cap, sorry no gown
My other graduation pictures were so bad not even a mother could love

6 First concert
Yep, First live concert was Shawn Cassidy at the Ottawa Ex
My cousin RoryBore picked that one, blame her

7 First ride
My mom's burgundy Trans Am
The car I learned to drive in
Sweet ride that spent almost as much time in the ditch as on the road

8 First music
First music I bought,
A cassette
9 First car
The Red Rocket
A '79 Volkswagon GTI
The first, and only, car I bought
Best $1,500 I ever spent
Yes, it had a cassette deck
I may have shed a tear when I had to have it put down

10 First look
My newest little cousin,
Daniel Leo Fisher
What a cutie
Currently the only Fisher boy of his generation

And the bonus round
11 First house
That's right, the house is sold, finally 
I'm in the market for one of my very own
No business partner, the grief is all mine now LOL
     Sure there are lots of other firsts I could have shared but it's a PG blog and a gentleman never kisses and tells. I don't either, ROFL. Drop by Stasha' and see what else made the list of firsts this week.


  1. Good good! I love that you named your puppies after Buffy and Jody but messed it up, lol! I didn't get that RoryBore was your cousin, so awesome! And your bling is special too.

    1. I just found that out when I googled to get the link yesterday. Yep Rory and I go way back, I used to baby sit her. Look at her now. Love the fact mom kept that baby bracelet, it's so tiny.

  2. The Red Rocket! I love that car! Great listicle :) Welcome back.

    1. I had so much fun with/in the Red Rocket. Best car ever. I had it for about 10 years and spent practically nothing in maintenance. Speeding tickets, that's a whole other story LOL

  3. I'm so jealous you had a horse and what a cute name for it, Pepper! Aw, how I loved and still do love horses. They are my favourite animal. ♥

  4. First, your newest little cousin is SOO cute!!! I love that 70's reference, and very jealous you learned how to drive in a Trans Am...I always wanted one of those when I was a kid. :)

  5. OOOHHHH.....he's still ever do dreamy!! I stand by my own first choice of concert! Did you also remember that aunt "D" and I met him on one of the rides? Also, first swoon :)

    What is it with the Trans Am -- remember mom's red one? that was a bitch to learn to drive on. sure looked good though

    I should have posted a pic of me on Beauty. darn it.

  6. Hurray for selling the house!!! Love this list, you are onehellaofaguy!

  7. Awesome party pic! I imagine showing cassettes to my kids and they'll look at me like I just pulled out a phonograph or something. I feel old.

  8. Great list! Love all the pics, esp. the ones of you when you were a kid. Awesome! I love that you messed up the Family Affair names. Classically awesome.

  9. You had a pony?!?!?! I'm still stuck on the pony. I saw the Trans Am and even Mr Cassidy but its the pony I'm stuck on...

  10. That was a cool car to learn to drive in...

  11. We were just talking about Shaun Cassidy last night when we were doing our list! Too funny! :) Love this post!

  12. Man, you lived the dream: pony, Trans Am, and Shaun Cassidy. Wow!!

    I laughed with your phrasing, "I may have shed a tear when I had to have it put down."

    Cute baby! Ellen

  13. I was in love with Shaun Cassidy. I even had a nightgown with his smiling face inside a heart plastered across the front. There was no shame in my Shaun Cassidy game!

    Oh, and that Trans Am? Was my dream car back in the day!

  14. My sister loved Shaun Cassidy while I was a David girl myself.

    Wonderful list. Can't help but think of Instagram when I see your old photos.

    And especially loved "first bling"!!

  15. It's good to see you!!! I cried a little when I had to get rid of my first truck... well it was my husband's first truck that he made really cool and gave to me :)

  16. I love Family Affair and your retro listicle. Congrats on selling your house!

  17. I loved your post. I always do. It was so sweet. Every time I read anything you write, its like a window into your soul. You're such a fantastic writer. So genuine. I've missed your posts, glad to see your getting back into your old routine. and OH! congrats on the upcoming new house diggs. . . .To be continued:)


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